About Us

LikesFinder is a team with a rocky road to success behind them. Before we became social media professionals, we, as many still do, were banned from social media networks and lost all our content because of the scam agencies that used botnets and unethical algorithms of promotion. But now we developed an X-ray vision that allows us to identify dishonest social media promotion services. We used dozens of services for several years, and no one ever dared to scam us anymore.

We learned our lessons the hard way. You don’t have to.

LikesFinder people are dedicated to letting others know about good and bad social network promotion services. We are united by one thing: we hate scam and scammers. That’s why we’re here: to help you avoid scam sites or low-quality services.

To provide the list of the best (and worst) services to you, we look through the existing promotion tools, both new and well-known. We do careful research of their features, pros, cons, and credibility and then present the results to you.

It is hard to compare different tools. Each one has its own peculiarities, is suitable for different social networks, and offers a different range of services available. Some of them work best for the big businesses, substituting the whole SMM departments, and some are much more affordable and are great for personal blogs and small shops. There are also services that offer unusual things such as dislikes or custom comments and content creation. But despite such a wide spectrum of social media promotion services existing now, we do our best to show you the big picture of this market and the roadmap to choosing the best one for you.

Our criteria include but are not limited to the range of social networks covered by the service, pricing, tools available for customers, tech support quality, how the services differ from their closest competitors, and the services’ safety.

At first, we analyze the info provided on a company’s website. Is the service cheap or expensive in comparison to the rates of competitors? Why? Are they newbies on the market and want to attract customers with low prices? Or do they offer something special for their high prices? Does the dev team offer a free trial? Is there a tutorial, an FAQ, or a live chat with tech support? Does the site look professional at all?

Then we go for safety. Which payment methods are accepted, and are they legit? What about the refund policy? Is there some fine print section in their Terms and Conditions saying they are not responsible for anything? How long is the company on the market, and were there some serious complaints?