Best apps similar to Instagram

Instagram is considered one of the best and definitely the biggest photo-sharing app. It allows you to take a photo and instantly post it online or upload them from the gallery, share video stories and apply photo and video filters, giving your posts vintage, fantasy, cute, or any other feeling. You can become even popular thanks to this social media, especially when you use services like Ingramer to get more likes and followers, that will help you to get your recognition. Instagram is also a popular platform for everything connected with photography, beauty, and crafts. Instagram stars can be real celebrities and influencers even outside that social media.

But what if Instagram isn't so good for you? Perhaps, you aren't so social, perhaps there are too many follow requests from random sleazy people, or you want just to store your photos without the rest of the functions? There are plenty of other apps that allow you to do that without Instagram glamour aura. Let's see what they are.

1. Pinterest

Pinterest is one of the most popular platforms for artists and photographers. You may "pin" any image you find on the Internet, saving it to your personal Pinterest board. It is still possible to leave comments under the "pins," but there is no hype that powers Instagram. The private messages option is now also available, but the very community is interested mostly in the content, not in people who post it. Pinterest is often used not only as a portfolio, but as a mood board or inspiration source. The audience of Pinterest is not as broad as Instagram one, but it is also more focused on promoting and showing their work, not themselves.

2. Retrica

Retrica looks more like Instagram, but it is mostly dedicated to selfies. The functions of this app are quite similar to Instagram ones - posts, stories, comments, private messaging and following other people. There are some pretty unique features also, such as different sets of filters and the possibility to create GIFs from your photos. Retrica is very similar to Instagram, but much less popular, so you don't have to be afraid of tons of lovers, haters or just strangers passing by and leaving random comics. Due to that Retrica isn't used for commercial accounts and shops promotion, so your feed will be more natural and will consist of living real persons mostly.

3. Hipstamatic

Hipstamatic is another Instagram-like app, but, unlike Retrica, it's available for iPhones only - and, as lots of iPhone apps, isn't free. It is called Hipstamatic for a reason: the main feature is ability to create vintage-looking photos, like those that were taken by the old film cameras of different ages. Even the interface of the app looks like the old camera. It might have been quite snobbish due to all the above, but, fortunately, Hipstamatic isn't a social network at all. Though it allows you to share your edited pictures via other social networks, no one will comment on them in the app directly.

4. Flickr

Flickr is the app that was created for professional photos and photo editors. It is mostly cloud storage where you can upload your works directly from the camera, edit them online - by cropping, applying filters, and so on - and then give access to them to the community. Of course, it won't substitute Photoshop or Lightroom, but the filters are suitable for light retouch or technical corrections. The rest of the functions are quite similar to Instagram too, with some additions like creating albums and not cropping the images to be square.

There are plenty of other apps - Instagram's success makes the daring developers try to repeat its success. Some of them come and go, some, as the ones above, stay and work. But if you know for sure that you don't feel comfortable while using Instagram and know why - you will definitely find the app that has all the benefits of Instagram but lacks that one drawback that causes you troubles.