6 Best Instagram Name Generators

Choosing the right user name for your Instagram account may not seem like much, but the foundation of your whole Instagram strategy depends on it. Regardless of the nature and purpose of your Instagram account, you would need a name that reflects the real personality of your business. The right username makes you stand out from the crowd and lets your viewers know who you are before they even know you. Hence, we cannot stress enough the importance of using the right username. So, before you start your adventure to success and start promoting your profile organically or through services like SocialCaptain to make it easier, you have to choose the right name.

Now, we understand that this might seem stressful and pressurizing. However, thanks to the technological advancement of our era, we now have various username generators that make our job a little easier. These tools are in-tuned with the policies of the platform that means the result is always a success. This is why, in this article, we have gathered a list of the best Instagram name generators for you to consider.

1. SpinXo

The name generator topping our list for its simplicity, personalization, and versatility is SpinXo. This is a multiplatform random username generator that not only works with Instagram but also with Tumblr, YouTube, and more.

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The site operates by asking you a couple of questions, six to be precise, and using a spin widget to present you several usernames that are combinations of your answers.

2. Jimpix Username Generator

Jimpix might not be as personalized as SpinXo, but the process for this username generator is also quite simple. You can get a list of various random yet trendy username categories to choose from within three steps. The categories provided for you to choose from is arguably its best feature as Jimpix houses a vast range of data. This explains how categories can get quite specific. Your selected category is then combined with your name to create a unique username. You can make it composed, a one-word name or any other specification anyway you see it fit.

3. Username Generator

Username generator is another multiplatform social media tool that works with Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Snapchat, and more. The specialty of this site is the character length feature that is lacking in most name generators. Additionally, with this site, you can create your unique username randomly or with characteristics and features of your own preference.

4. Lingo Jam

Unlike the top three entries on this list, Lingo Jam is a perfect username generator for those that already have an idea of what their name should reflect or be like. This site operates in quite a straightforward manner. You enter a base or seed word in one portion, and the parallel side will instantly display a list of usernames that you can use. Creating a user name cannot get more quick, efficient, and straightforward then what Lingo Jam has made it.

5. Name Generator Fun

Name Generator Fun is a dual purpose social media tool that not only provides both inspiration and entertainment to the user. The site has been providing users with both useful and funny names since 1999. You can create user names randomly, gender-neutral, or customize them as you see fit.

6. Username Buddy

The username buddy is a professional website that allows users to generate creative and unique usernames for free. This site lets you create a username based on your preference and anonymously. The username generator asks for two categories for you to choose from, one as a prefix and the other as a suffix, and the last choice is of a starting letter. After filling in all the boxes, you get a list of randomly generated username.

Final Thoughts

Username generators are useful for you, especially if you want to build a solid base for your new business or if you want to recreate your online identity. You need to make sure the name you decide for yourself is eye-catching and appropriate for the profile. For a business profile, you need to make sure that the name is related to your product or service. For a personal account, you need to make sure that the name represents your personality and interests in the right way.