How to Become Famous on Instagram

Instagram stars are often the objects of envy and shock. They influence opinions, inspire people, and set trends. It is natural to want to join that glamorous circle. But if you aren’t a celebrity already, getting famous on Instagram is a lot of time and consistent work. Some of the accounts just skyrocketed to their popularity, tapping into incredibly trendy things of the moment, but most of them are working their way to stardom for months or even years.

There is no one-size-fits-all guide (if it existed, everyone would use it!) But there are some tips and tricks that usually work. Have a look at them: maybe they’ll give you some ideas for your own Instagram style?

1. Set your goal

People rarely seek fame for the sake of fame. Everything has a reason. There are no good or bad ones, but you need to know your personal one. Why do you want to become famous? Do you want people to love you and appreciate you? Do you have something to share with the world: your lifestyle, your perfect taste, or crafting talent? Or maybe you have a life-changing experience and lots of great advice to tell? Or you just want to make your business popular? The answer may define your overall image building strategy.

Remember that your content should be valuable for the other users. The things you make should motivate people to follow you and watch you further. If they can’t enjoy your content or use them in their life, they won’t become your followers.

2. Choose your superpower

What can you do to make people watch you? Choosing your talent or passion will greatly influence the niche you’re going to get famous for. If you can’t produce enough visual content to post it quite often, you might consider other social media instead.

Passion is even more important than talent here. People value sincerity and, if they see you improving your skills, from the beginning to perfection - they may also follow you to walk this path with you too. If you can make the show, you may draw attention to what you are doing.

3. It will be easier after a first thousand of followers

The new accounts are rarely seen by anyone. So, you’ll have to be creative in getting your first followers that will make your profile appear in other feeds more often. Ask friends and family to follow you. Post in the niche groups and communities of people doing the same thing as you do. Follow other people, and they will sometimes follow you back.

The question of using services for buying followers is a tricky one. On the one hand, this is a fast and easy way to get your first thousand. On the other hand, these followers might not be real people or might leave you the moment you stop paying. Anyway, don’t rely on paid traffic only, use it only as an instrument of getting genuine organic followers in the future and use reliable services like Clowdfire or Instazood, that you can find on our website.

4. Use hashtags

The laundry list of hashtags after each photo may look weird, but it’s really what powers Instagram. Mix the popular and trendy hashtags with your own ones - people will get used to them and, possibly, will use hashtags invented by you, instantly increasing your popularity. Invent special hashtags for events started by you, flashmobs, or marking the groups of your most devoted followers. Try using hashtags that are used by roughly 100 000 to a few million posts - they are popular enough to make you trendy but not too mainstream to be missed.

Hashtags are also a great tool for monitoring your growing popularity. Check the hashtags you used a few hours after posting. You may hit the top posts sections in one or even some of them. Your post may stay on top of up to 48 hours and will give you a tremendous boost in popularity.

Instagram is a great place to try yourself, get famous, and make money. But to do so, you have to create awesome content and engage with the audience. It might seem difficult at the beginning, but it will get easier and easier with time. You’ll feel your success, get used to Instagram rules, and make your way up to the top!