How to change Instagram to dark mode

Lots of apps have dark mode or night mode as a feature. Recently, Instagram announced the night mode update too. Why do we need this feature and how can we switch it on?

Apps in a dark mode look stylish - but they also have a set of advantages. Firstly, the night mode can save your battery a lot, because your phone doesn’t waste energy for lighting the screen up. White pixels need lots of energy to be so bright and sometimes the screen takes up to 70% of all the energy used by the device. The devices with AMOLED screens switch off the black pixels completely, so they consume zero energy.

The dark mode is also called night mode for a reason: it is much better for your eyes at night or twilight. Too much glare, especially in comparison with dark surroundings, causes strain to your eyes. Dark mode reduces the glare and therefore makes your eyes and head ache less.

The current head of Instagram, Adam Mosseri, told in his interview that to use the dark mode feature the users should have the latest version of their mobile operating system, be it Android or iOS. It was Android 10 and iOS 13 at the moment of interview publishing.

The process of enabling Instagram dark mode slightly differs for iPhone and Android but is equally easy. To switch the app to the dark mode on your iPhone (running iOs 13 or newer) you have to:

- Open your phone’s settings. The settings app looks like a grey gear in the apps menu.

- Select “Display and brightness” subsection.

- Tap “Dark”. That’s it! You may launch Instagram and enjoy your new and cool dark mode!

To enable dark mode on your phone (running Android 10 or higher) follow the steps below: Also open your phone settings (the icon looks like a blue or white gear, depending on the launcher)

- Select “Display”

- Activate the “Dark theme”

- Launch Instagram!

As you can see, Instagram dark mode is directly connected to the primary dark mode of the operating system itself. It’s quite handy, because you don’t have to search for something new in your Instagram setting.

But even if you have an earlier version of the operating system, there are ways to save battery and make your phone work longer until it needs to be charged. Though Instagram with all its media content is a very energy- and data-demanding app, limiting preloading images and videos will greatly reduce that. You may do that by tapping the “Account” icon, then choose the “Mobile data use” subsection and turn on the “Data saver” option. This will make videos load only when you tap on them. It might make the opening time longer, but it is worth it.

Reducing brightness of your phone may seem a mundane piece of advice, but sometimes it does help a lot. You may reduce the brightness in your general phone settings menu or with additional buttons on your device (depending on the model). Scrolling the feed with reduced brightness and making the screen brighter if you want to see something in more detail, is a good practice that may save up to 30% of your battery.

Instagram Dark Mode is a cool feature and we’re glad that the developer team has finally introduced it. Hope you enjoy it at night as much as we do!