How to clear Instagram cache

Sometimes we all need to clear the cache in our browser to get rid of unwanted cookies, free some space, make it faster, or even erase some embarrassing memories from the browser history. But why should we clear Instagram cache, and how can we do that at all? Let’s see!

Usually, we use Instagram on our mobile devices: phones or tablets. Each time we run the Instagram app and surf through the feed watching photos and videos, the information about our search results and the media we looked at is stored in our phone memory. Instagram is a notorious space eater, so if you want to keep your phone clean and fast, take some time to clear your cache every now and then.

The process of clearing the Instagram cache on Android and iOS devices is slightly different but equally easy. It is not instantly obvious, though, so we made you a simple and short tutorial that will make cache cleaning a piece of cake.

To clear the Instagram cache on your iOS device, you need to:

Press the Settings icon of your phone. It looks like a grey gear by default. If you have already installed a new skin that changes the icons’ look, you probably know where it is already :)

Go to the General section of the settings. Then proceed to the iPhone storage. You may have to wait for a while until the phone finishes the self-check and shows you all the data.

Scroll down until you see the Instagram app. Click on it. By the way, you might find some other apps that eat up your memory. You will see the amount of space they take near each app name, and they are usually arranged in descending order (the most space-demanding ones will be on top). If you want to clear the cache of the other apps, just do things from the next steps with them.

Unfortunately, iOS doesn’t have an option to clear cache without deleting the app (you may try other apps that will do that, but we strongly discourage you from usage of them - because you never know what else they can do with your apps). So, click on the Delete App button.

Go to the AppStore and download Instagram again. You’ll have to login once again, but your profile, preferences, stories, and everything else will be safe. It’s just the cache that is gone.

To clear the Instagram cache on your Android device, you need to:

Also, press the Settings icon in your Programs menu. It also looks like a gear, sometimes it’s grey, and in later Android versions, it’s blue.

Find the Programs subsection there. Sometimes you’ll need to press the See All button to see not only the top five of the most used apps.

Scroll down until you find the Instagram app. You may also use this guide for any other app, including even preinstalled Android ones. Click on that app. You’ll see two buttons: Delete and Stop, but below them, there is more info about the app. Click on the Memory subsection.

There you’ll see the Clear cache button. Click on it. That’s it; your cache is clear, you don’t have to reinstall the program, and you even don’t need the Internet connection to do that (while in iOS you still have to download your new app).

You don’t have to do it every day, of course, use it just when you run out of memory. Also, you may add an extra memory card to your phone, expanding the storage, or transfer some files or apps from the internal phone memory to the SD card, thus clearing more space and making your phone faster again.

You also can use this guide for any other app. We took Instagram as an example just because it tends to eat up memory the most - it has too much media content (actually, it consists of media content). So, keep your phone smart and good luck!


The Instagram features list is constantly updating, adding new possibilities both to the businesses and to the private persons. Just follow the official Instagram account of Instagram, read about the new changes and good luck using them for your further success!