How to Get Followers On Instagram Without Following

As many influencers will tell you, Instagram is a game-changing platform for your business and brand. If your strategy is aligned right, you can either make your brand or break it beyond repair. This is why marketers need to maneuver and improvise Instagram strategies as need be.

Instagram is somewhat like twitter in regards to broadcast marketing. It started that way but quickly grew into an image-based platform that has over 1 billion active users monthly. It's no secret why everyone wants to stand out from the crowd and to do that; a profile needs a large Instagram following.

The thing that sets Instagram apart from the rest of the social media platforms is its ability to cater to the high demand of the brands and simultaneously provide quality content to its viewer. To maintain the high standards of content, the platform consciously changes its algorithm and guards its secret like the Holy Grail.

In this article, we aim to decipher some of the platform's tactics and techniques to gain followers without following them back in bite-size information.

Make Your Profile Discoverable

Before you can even dream of gaining a large following on Instagram, you need a complete profile and a well-defined marketing plan with stages to monitor.

The first step is to make sure whoever visits your profile for the first time does not bounce back immediately. Start with an engaging username, put in your website URL, and spend most of your time in the bio section. Use short, targeted text to increase your profile's discoverability — aim towards making your profile fun, creative, and original.

Your marketing plan should include measurable goals, your target audience profile, your unique selling point, your story, and your brand aesthetics. That means all your posts should be recognizable at a single glance with the help of aesthetes or any other technique. Be careful not to appear monotonous.


Visit your top three competitors' profiles and see how they have filled their bio section. The accounts that are funny, inspirational, or highly engaging stand out the most.

Create a Publishing Schedule and Post Frequently

We, the modern users, are now quite used to frequent publishing routine. Still, most of us are not able to recognize that the more recently the content is published, the more chances it has to get public attention. That's why you should share your content every morning and evening. Choosing the optimal publication time depends on your analytical understanding.

However, if not posting daily, the general rule of thumb shows that Tuesday and Thursday are optimal days while mornings are better for motivating/educational posts and evenings fit for entertaining posts.

You should always pay attention to your posts being compelling and instantly consumable. Your analytical insight will help you monitor your engagement rate on each post. This can help you in figuring out what works for you and what you should drop.

Apart from Instagram analytics, other tools like the Hootsuite or buffer not only lets you monitor your analytics, but they also come with a variety of useful features post scheduling. Features like these make managing Instagram profiles a lot easier.

Use Your Digital Footprint as a Gateway

The second most important thing in growing your follower base is to approach your target audience through all your digital footprints, including your website. You can do this by adding the link to your Instagram account on all your sites, your other social media portals like Facebook, YouTube, twitter, forum profile, email signature, and even your guest post author bio.

Bear in mind that this step will time some time to work that means you won't instantly notice a rise in your followers. However, by executing this step, you will create a gateway or a pathway that can provide you with a steady flow of followers.

Target Your Efforts

This last step focuses on limiting and targeting your efforts so that you save on valuable time and followers. You can do that by following just the top 5 accounts that are either your competitors or relevant to your profile. The accounts need to have at least 500 followers. Pick at least one of their content that is comment-worthy, like, and write an original comment on it. Repeat this follow, like, comment loop to generate organic goodwill. People will automatically start noticing you and therefore following you.

Final thoughts

Gaining an Instagram following is all about exposure. The techniques mentioned above can help you go a long way in creating a sizeable follower base. However, we do suggest conducting your own research with your brand, wants, and needs in mind. Maybe methods, like mentioning high-profile influencers and running following contests, can tickle your fancy.