How to see a private Instagram account

Instagram is one of the biggest social media networks, and one that cares about privacy the most. Its privacy options allow account owners to close their media from any person who wasn’t invited to see it. This helps to prevent private information leakage, fake friends flooding, and bot farm page boosting. But most people just don’t want anyone to see their personal photos and stories.

Once a person sets their profile private, the others should make a request to befriend them and see their media. Until this request isn’t approved, they won’t be able to see anything. If the request is rejected, they won’t be notified, but will never see the private profile content. Moreover, if the request is canceled, the sender won’t have a second try; they will lose the ability to connect with the profile owner on Instagram.

As you can see, Instagram means business here. So, what should you do if you want to see the private profile, but your request wasn’t answered, or you don’t have your own Instagram account? The only legit and ethical way is to ask or just to follow them and wait until the request is approved. Respect for privacy is an essential thing on the Internet nowadays. Please don’t use any hacks, third-party apps, or agencies! This is prohibited, and you may get your own account banned from Instagram forever.

You may try to Google the person’s account, just put @ and then the account name into the search box. Then switch to the image search. You’ll see the pictures from the other, public accounts, where the account owner was tagged. His or her private pictures aren’t indexed by Google still. But sometimes it’s enough to catch up and see that the person you care about is fine.

If you have a common friend with that person, you may try and ask that friend to tell the account owner that you want to befriend them. Writing to the other person may be awkward, but if you do have a good reason to do that, it’s still fine. Please, don’t ask that friend to take screenshots of the private account, it is totally unethical and a privacy violation.

Creating a new or totally fake account is a creepy way to go. This is borderline stalking, and Instagram doesn’t allow anyone to create fake profiles. You may try to do that, pretending to be some other person, but this can be extremely traumatizing for the person you want to befriend. Such actions are rarely taken with good intentions. So if you are seriously thinking of making a fake to get into the private account - just think twice about your reasons, okay?

Usually, accounts are made private for a reason. Always start from the safest and legit methods first. Make sure that you won’t make the account owner upset, hurt, or outright traumatized. But sometimes there are real reasons to urgently check up someone’s profile. Maybe, the profile has been hacked. Maybe, the person starts to behave oddly and finally closes all their social media accounts. Maybe you just worry that something bad happens to the account owner, and they might need help. In that case, your actions may be justified - but don’t try to fix everything by yourself. You may warn the Instagram support or maybe even the crisis service about the person’s odd behavior and make sure they are fine and safe.

Any third-party applications that might work are not reliable, expensive and may get you into trouble if someone finds out that you are using them. Some of them can really penetrate the Instagram security algorithms, but there are too few of them that do work. Moreover, Instagram developers are constantly searching for the vulnerabilities and fixing them. Don’t risk in vain.

We hope that you’ll get the approval of your request from the person you want to befriend soon!