How to See What’s Trending on Instagram (2021 Guide)

The question is how to see what’s trending these days on Instagram? Because people from around the globe post millions of stories daily. New posts can easily be lost in the flood of daily pictures and videos being uploaded by users. This also makes it difficult to know what is popular while viewing feeds.

How to search for trends on Instagram

Instagram is one of the top 5 social media platforms, with over 1 billion monthly active users. Given this fact, companies all over the world are looking for ways to market their products and services. They look for influencers and top trends on Instagram to get their promotional content in front of the vast user base. You can have a popular profile too with the help of services to get instant followers and likes like Instato to start trending as fast as possible.

You can find what is trending in several ways. Here are the tips.

1. Use the explore feature and filter out further.

With the latest updates, Instagram has launched a feature called Explore. When you click on the search icon at the top of your screen, it shows the most viewed content as recommendations. Furthermore, it shows categories on top from where you can filter to see the posts on a particular topic or subject.

Top trends in 2020

1. Interactive stories.

Instagram launched stories feature in 2016, and it is getting popular since then. It allows for more engagement than regular posts. Influencers post infographics and polls and ask people to respond to them. They ask questions and seek feedback through this type of posts. Further, they can be saved as highlights to keep them appearing for a long time.

2. Fewer likes but more connecting

Earlier, it was believed that the more likes a post gets, the more popular it is. But the trend is changed now. People are becoming aware of more impactful content. Pictures and stories that connect a community more effectively become more popular even if they don’t get a large number of likes.

3. Shoppable posts from influencers

This is an amazing feature Instagram launched in April 2019. Users can go to the checkout page without leaving Instagram while viewing a product in a post. This feature allows influencers to promote a product directly from their posts. Though this feature is in the testing phase yet and allowed for only a few influencers, it’s getting positive results and will soon be available for all to use.

4. Natural feeds and photos

Once there was a time when photos were more edited and fancy. But people are turning towards a more natural appearance now. Users on Instagram are not hesitant to post “In the moment” pictures these days, and it has become more fun to show how they look naturally.

5. Micro-blogging

People used to apply small captions on Instagram until recently, but the trend has been changing now. The long caption is a new trend in 2020 in which users do micro-blogging or storytelling. This shows a shift in the mindset of people on social media. They are starting to express their thoughts at length rather than narrowing them down in only a few words. This is also making it easy to spot Instagram trending topics since more words, along with a picture, can convey a clear message.

2. Use hashtags in the search

Hashtags have become important elements on social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter. For Instagram, hashtags play an important role in categorizing content. Further, they make your posts discoverable and helps them reach more people.

Top-10 hashtags in 2020

  • #love
  • #friends
  • #followme
  • #instagood
  • #followback
  • #fashiondaily
  • #photooftheday
  • #beautiful
  • #mystyle
  • #inthekitchen

The list can be long, and hashtags can have their place on top in their category, i.e. #fashiondaily can be placed on top in the “Fashion” category.

In a nutshell, you can use a hashtag that best matches the category of your story being told in the picture or video.

More importantly, if you know what’s trending on Instagram, shaping your strategy for creating a buzz, attracting more people to your profile, and achieving desired results will be much easier.

3. Use feeds gathering and filtering tool

Apart from the explore and hashtags features of Instagram, you can use one more way to find top trends, i.e. feeds gathering and filtering tools. Online tools like Ezyinsights allows you to filter Instagram feeds so that you get only those stories that you want to see. It allows you to narrow down the best-performing ones from the millions of posts being created daily.

Due to this feature, such online tools are becoming more popular among publishers. They use it to create an effective strategy knowing what is going to work best for them. More importantly, this kind of filtering tool can facilitate finding and keeping an eye on the most engaging stories.


Now that you know how to search trends on Instagram, making the best strategy for your branding and marketing activities will be easier than before. Make use of explorer feature, hashtags search, and filtering tools to know what is trending, and you wouldn’t get lost in the huge flow of posts. We hope you will find this guide extremely helpful in achieving great success on Instagram in 2020.