How to use new Instagram update

Though the main features and interface of Instagram stay pretty the same, the app is famous for its major updates that may influence the performance and posting strategies a lot. Some of them will go unnoticed, but some do really need some explanations and guides to use them properly. Let's see what is the last major Instagram update you should know about.

1. Instagram Stories

This update makes Instagram stories an even more fancy way to present yourself. Now, the Stories, which are themselves a loved and appreciated feature, have several subfeatures.

The Instagram Stories camera now can enter Create Mode. While still looking the same, it now allows you to create other types of content except photos and videos. Now it may be a countdown to some events, polls, quizzes, or simple drawings. Now you don't have to create graphic content every day to keep your audience engaged.

The new button "On this day" is also added. Now it allows us to remember the events that happened on that day years ago.

To use the new feature, you should open the camera in an average way, then click on the "Create" at the bottom of it. Then the menu will open, and you will be able to choose the feature you want to use on your Story. You may place a sticker on the screen and publish the Story. If it was a question sticker, your followers might ask the questions by tapping on those stickers and typing the texts of their questions. The questions will appear in the viewer list of the Story, but answering each of them will create a separate Story. The new Story will be generated automatically, so you may choose another sticker, write your answer on it and place it wherever you want on the screen. Stories can be useful in making your profile visible and active, also, you can get viewers and followers through services like AppSally.

2. Close Friends List

The friend list is now divided into 'friends' and 'close friends'. Now you may share your very personal content with only a few people, without closing your account. The stories posted for close friends only will be accessible exclusively for the people from that list. The people from your Close Friends List don't know if they are on the list until they see your special Story, so you may not be afraid to add them to the list or delete them from it - they'll never know.

Stories for Close Friends List work just like average Stories, but they are marked with a green circle instead of a regular, pink one on your profile and in the Stories feed. Close Friends Stories are shown first, so you'll never miss one. If someone shares a Close Friend Story with you, you'll also see it marked with a green circle and first in your Stories queue.

To add people to your Close Friends List, you should go to your profile and click on the three lines at the upper right corner. Select the "Close Friends" submenu there. Then just search the right people and click "Add". There is no limit of close friends you can have.

3. Donation button

The great news for charity funds or just for people who want to help others. Now the "Donate" button is available for them. Anyone is able to collect donations safely, transferring the costs directly to NGO accounts and covering the 100% of transaction fees. No third-party services are used.

To use donations feature, you should connect the Instagram account to the Facebook account of your NGO, turn on the Donation feature on your Facebook and make sure you have a business Instagram profile. Now you should have a Donation sticker among the others and use them in your Stories.

The Instagram features list is constantly updating, adding new possibilities both to the businesses and to the private persons. Just follow the official Instagram account of Instagram, read about the new changes and good luck using them for your further success!