TikTok Money Calculator: How to Earn There?

TikTok a social networking app where you can share your videos. But the exciting thing is that if you are an influencer with a large number of followers, it can be a source of income. Now the question is, how can you make money on TikTok?

Before we explore the possibilities of earning with TikTok videos, let’s learn about a calculator that can show your TikTok estimated earnings. It’s called TikTok Earning Calculator.

What is a TikTok Earning Calculator?

TikTok calculator is an online tool that estimates your earning potential based on several stats from your account. It checks the number of followers, how active you are on the platform, engagement rate, number of videos, and number of views per video, etc. Note that the TikTok money calculator online tool is a third-party tool and not associated with TikTok.

How to earn with TikTok?

With its growing popularity, TikTok is also providing users with an opportunity to earn money. However, it’s not like other platforms like Google AdSense and other Ad networks. TikTok doesn’t have a functional advertising platform yet, so you have to approach clients directly. Additionally, it would be good to have an agreement after discussing the services and terms beforehand.

These are the ways you can monetize your TikTok influence.

1. Maintain a cross-platform presence

If you are making good videos and getting a massive response from the audience, you can upload the same video on YouTube. It will broaden the scope of reaching people and earning from multiple sources.

Also, the benefit of being on multiple platforms is that you can reach those people who are not using TikTok. So when you are promoting a brand in your video, you wouldn’t be missing non-TikTok users. More the followers from different platforms, more your potential for attracting companies that will pay you for their brand promotions. Moreover, you can use services, that specialize on Tik Tok, like Kickliker to get more followers and views.

2. Offer influencer marketing services

Companies mostly approach popular TikTokers, whose content can appeal at the mass level within a niche. For example, if you are a girl making videos of beauty care and tips and have a huge fan following, companies selling beauty products will most probably be contacting you. In this case, you will be making a natural video using their product. Make sure not to over-promote a brand. Just focus on the topic.

This is called influencer marketing, in which you are affecting the buying decision of thousands of people (ex. female audience looking for beauty care tips). Choose the brand carefully and make sure that it matches your message. To make it even more effective, you can ask yourself, would you use that product if you were a buyer?

3. Sell through your store or as an affiliate

Can you get paid on TikTok? This question often comes up from newbies. The answer is yes, and in fact, this is becoming a popular way of earning on TikTok. Many TikTokers have already set up their eCommerce business and are earning good revenue with the help of a large fan base. If you are popular among millions and getting huge likes and shares for your videos, selling your own brand will be a great idea.

However, if you don’t want to sell your own product, affiliate marketing is the other option for you. You can use a link to a particular product being sold on other’s online stores. You will get a commission for each order placed via your link.

Keep in mind

The most important thing to keep in mind, no matter what way you take to earn on TikTok is that you are making videos for your fans. So it shouldn’t be solely promoting a product or service and should be showing something interesting or useful.

When you are showing a craft, it will be an educational video and will be more likely to attract views and likes. But when you are making some entertaining video and promoting a brand, take care that your content doesn’t turn into a sales pitch.

How Much do TikTokers Make?

The earning capacity of your TikTok activity largely depends on the way you choose to earn, the number of followers as well as the niche you have chosen.

Does TikTok pay you?

TikTok doesn’t pay you directly, but it provides a gifting feature with which your fans can give you gifts and tips for your performance. Though half of the money is kept by TikTok and Google/Apple, TikTokers are earning a fair amount.

If you have a strong following base, chances are more that get a brand partnership that will pay you in 5 to 6 digit. Apart from this, many TikTokers get offers for attending events and concerts sponsored by brands. If you get this type of offer, you will be conveying the brand message as a representative on the stage with your live performance. In this case, the amount will depend on your popularity in that locality.

Some tips for starters

New to TikTok looking for guidance on how to grow your account and audience? You can also be as successful as other top TikTokers if you follow certain rules and tips.

  • 1. Understand your skill and choose a niche. If you are good at something, make videos on them. Don’t try to cover every subject; just do what you can do the best.
  • 2. Identify what your audience expects from you. Remember that you have to present something new in each video. There are hundreds and thousands of videos being posted daily, and if yours is not giving something different, viewers won’t stay with you.
  • 3. Follow the TikTok guidelines. Don’t upload any video which shows you in an inappropriate way. Also, don’t share your personal information and daily routine that can be used to compromise your privacy and security.
  • 4. Stay connected with your audience. Keep an eye on comments and reply to them as far as possible. This way, you will create a connection and trust with your audience that will go a long way in achieving success and earning on TikTok.


TikTok is a new platform and has great potential. You can make your place if you have something unique to share, and that for a long time. Moreover, consistent posting of interesting videos for your audience will make you an influencer that brands and companies would like to pay. Follow the tips given in this article, and you are all set to achieve success as a TikToker. Also, you can check your earning potential on the TikTok money calculator.