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Pros and Cons

  • Easy start: doesn't require registration
  • Instant delivery
  • Free trial
  • Limited Time Offers
  • Instagram verification help
  • Live profiles and genuine-looking comments
  • No FAQ on the site
  • There are cheaper offers on the market
  • 100% buyer's risk mentioned in Terms and Conditions

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About the service

Instagram Promotion Service

Digi SMM is an Instagram promotion agency that specializes in a single social network, providing the full range of services: likes, followers, views, and comments, both manual and automatic.

The agency guarantees privacy and promises quick delivery, 24/7 support, and lasting results. This Digi SMM review shows the main aspects of the agency and compares it with some alternatives.

Main features

Digi SMM doesn't offer any exotic service: they just do what they do excellently.

This review shows that DigiSMM offers Instagram followers, likes, views and comments, as well as proposes a free trial. Customers' reviews are predominantly favourable.

The agency stresses the highest quality and fast delivery of both auto and manual services.

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Instagram likes

They have live and active profiles to comment and like, so Instagram support won't suspend your account for fake visitors and followers.

Real Instagram followers

The agency manually or automatically build your followers profile.

Instagram views

Digi SMM helps you receive views and comments, both manual and automatic.


24/7 live support for customers.


Pricing and unique features

This company offers a variety of Instagram services.

Their likes packages vary from 100 likes for $2.99 to 200,000 likes for $999.99.

Automatic likes are offered by their partner website viralme.io. They are distributed in monthly packages from 100 for $19.99/month to 500 for $97.99/month.

Their followers packages vary from 50 followers for $1.99 to 10,000 followers for $ 99.99.

Instagram Video Views are offered in packages from 100 for $1.49 to 200,000 for $399.99.

Instagram Comments come in batches from 10 for $1.99 to 2000 for $189.99.

Social Media

100 pcs. 500 pcs. 1 000 pcs.


2.99 7.49 12.99


3.49 8.49 14.49




1.49 4.49 7.49


19.99 74.79 99.99
Does Digi SMM Offer Refunds?

They guarantee an instant refund in 72 hours if the likes weren't delivered and boast that none of their clients' accounts were banned or suspended.

Is there a Free Trial for Digi SMM Services?

Digi SMM provides a free trial period, after which they show you their performance.

Compatible Payment Methods

The agency accepts PayPal and card payments.

Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express
Digi SMM Deals and Discounts

They don't have Digi SMM coupons but provide some limited time offers.

Digi SMM: some unique features

Manual or automatic likes, followers, comments

Live profiles and genuine-looking comments

Instagram verification help

Instant delivery

Free trial

In a few steps, this is how it works

How it works

Select a package

Enter details

Wait for results


Results and Safety

The results are seen after the first 24 hours.

Go to Website

The agency guarantees privacy and promises quick delivery.

24/7 support, and lasting results.

Have questions?


What are their guarantees?

The agency guarantees privacy and promises quick delivery, 24/7 support, and lasting results.

Is the service safe?

Digi SMM provides a free trial period, after which they show you their performance. They also post actual screens of the grateful mails they receive from their customers (all personal information is, of course, extracted from them). These Digi SMM reviews seem sincere. The external reviews are mostly positive and emphasize the genuine look of the comments ordered.

The troubling point in Term of Service is "The users might be inactive or not real humans." It seems no one who wrote a review about Digi SMM had the problem with fake accounts or bots, but this disclaimer looks a bit worrying.

Is the service legit?

Is it a legit company?

At lest they are honest about what they guarantee or not. They provide a 30-Day Replacement Guarantee on their followers, and promise a refund if the service delivery has not started in 48 hours. They are also GDRP-compliant and don't use cookies. That's pretty legit for this kind of business.

Is the service scam?

Is this service scam?

They don't look so, as they have a replacement and a refund guarantee and keep up with GDRP requirements.

looking for alternatives?

Alternative Services


Boostgram also provides a free 3-day trial period and can give you some free followers for registering in their app. But their site is only an advertising page; the real deals are happening in the app. You can't see prices or terms until you register - that is quite annoying and discourages from exploring the service further. Despite the comparable prices, Digi SMM doesn't require any registration or any other actions at all, while Boostgram gives a customer more control over the subject of an order, but you need to work a bit more to complete your order.


iDigic is as user-friendly as Digi SMM is. It also features extra-fast delivery (the first likes start to appear after 30 minutes from placing an order). iDigic has an explicit FAQ, a free trial period, they guarantee an instant refund in 72 hours if the likes weren't delivered and boast that none of their clients' accounts were banned or suspended. The prices of iDigic and Digi SMM are comparable, so is the performance and ordering process. The only difference seems to be in the interface: the approach, results, and even the reviews are very similar.


Another agency offering Instagram services is Stormlikes, offering Instagram likes, views, "high-quality" followers and auto likes. There is also an affiliate program and 2 free tools - Instagram Downloader and Instagram Followers Stats. Prices start from $ 1.39 for 50 likes.



The reviews are mostly (90%) positive and confirm quick delivery, tech support that is actually present on the site and real look of the profiles that like and comment on customers' photos. Some dissatisfied ones mentioned unfollowing, but there is always a risk of it while an agency uses live profiles. Live people are people, and they can take their like back or unfollow a page.

Another aspect mentioned in reviews is an extra-friendly tech support that is always ready to help and solve any problem that appears. By the way: the screens taken from their mailbox have the permissions of the customers, so the agency is really very careful with the personal information of their clients.

However, their TrustPilot page currently features only 13 reviews, which are highly contrasting, giving the company an "Average" score.


VIP support, Affordable price & Instant delivery!

We are using their services since 2016. We tried Buzzoid, Idigic, Famoid, but we didn't find anyone better than Digi SMM. They recently started VIP support on WhatsApp, which is really amazing.

5 stars

Sementhia Jones

Most Honest and Elite team providing social media marketing services

The social media market is piled up with loads of scammers around, waiting to gulp down your money. I myself use Instagram for marketing and promotion of my business. In the urge to soar high, I got scammed many times from top websites who claim they are best. Via one of my colleagues, I found Digi SMM and again, with the hope of getting scammed, I placed an order but got the unprecedented results this time. Totally amazed by the lightning-fast service, Instant delivery, and amiable customer support. You guyz are best in the market and would recommend you to others as well.

5 stars

Nour w

Bought 1k followers

Bought 1k followers, got only 800 then a few hours later they started to drop and now at 500 ... don't waste your money.

1 stars

Is it worth it?

Should I try it?

If you want instant results without doing almost anything, it is a great choice for you. In a few minutes (literally) you'll be ready to get your first genuinely-looking visitors. Although Digi SMM has a very narrow range of services, but it does live up to the quality described on its site.

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