Top Facebook services

Facebook is a perfect social media for long texts and serious business. Now there are almost no companies that don’t have their Facebook pages. The business of any scale, from a home manufacture to an international corporation, can get new audiences, partners, and customers there, amongst the several billions of Facebook users.

Where to Buy your Followers

Question of how

How to buy likes on Facebook?

Buying likes on Facebook is similar to buying likes for any other social network: you find the right agency, check if it’s legit, safe, and provides high-quality service, pay and get likes. But be aware: likes on Facebook may disappear with time, and this is twice more likely with reposts — people just delete them to clear their news feed. So we advise you to find an agency that guarantees organic traffic, not just random likes.

Choose the right place

Where to buy Facebook likes

There are fewer Facebook likes providers than Instagram ones, but you still can find several dozens of decent agencies that offer this kind of service. You may order auto-likes only (auto-likes are usually from rented accounts, so don’t expect these people to actually get interested in your page), organic likes, reposts or comments, even content creation — depending on an agency profile.

It's all about the price

How much does it cost to buy likes on Facebook?

Simple likes aren’t expensive; they start from $2.00 per 100 likes. Likes from organic accounts that belong to real people (or at least look like that and are active) cost more, up to $13 per 100 likes. Comments and supporting the discussion under your posts are even more expensive, but discussions are what make your page skyrocket to the top of the news feeds.

Find the provider

How to find a legit Facebook likes provider?

Check the safety certificates of the company, look through the reviews on trusted sites such as SiteJabber or Trustpilot and carefully read the Terms and Conditions. If the agency offers a free trial — use it to understand the quality of the service. Or just browse through our reviews on this site, because we’ve done it for you already!