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Pros and Cons

  • Customized strategy
  • Safety first
  • Personal account manager
  • Live staff and support
  • No automatic likes, only real people
  • The followers stay with you even after you stop paying
  • The price of the service is quite impressive
  • No free trials, discounts or coupons
  • Slow growth at the beginning
  • The quantity of followers isn’t guaranteed

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About the service

FanBump is a social network promotion service that will create a customized strategy of getting organic, engaged followers for your Instagram.

They are proud to announce that no pages that used their services were suspended.

This Fanbump review will explain to you this service in a nutshell.

Main features

The main feature of Fanbump is the absence of any bots and fake accounts.

This FanBump review analyses all the principal features of the company (and some of its competitors).

They create a tailor-made strategy based on the client’s country, type of page, and the client’s own description of the desired audience. Therefore, they can guarantee an instant result because safety goes first, and they add a small amount of followers every day. Also, the final result depends on the initial quality of the account.

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Instagram likes

FanBump promises that all likes are real so you don’t pay for fake engagement.

Real Instagram followers

They also state that they don’t work with fake followers or any usage of bots.

Instagram views

Their engagement strategy doesn’t offer any views.


There is a support email [email protected]

Does FanBump Offer Refunds?

There are no refunds.

Is there a Free Trial for FanBump Services?

There are no free trials.

Compatible Payment Methods

The agency accepts credit card payments.

Credit Card
FanBump Deals and Discounts

Discounts are not available at the moment, but maybe they will appear in the future.

FanBump: some unique features

Customized strategy

Personal account manager

No automatic likes, only real people

The followers stay with you even after you stop paying

Live staff and support

In a few steps, this is how it works

How it works

Select a package

Enter required information

Proceed to chekout


Results and Safety

The result reports are delivered weekly. Usually, the first week shows not so many new followers per day, because everything is done manually and gradually so that Instagram won’t shut down the page. A customer’s safety goes first, and the Fanbump team prefers to work a bit longer and keep the page safe and sound. They also adjust their strategy to Instagram warnings.

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The result reports are delivered weekly.

Usually, the first week shows 10-20 new followers per day.

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What are their guarantees?

The guarantees of the result are the open faces, personalities, and contacts of the CEO and his team. The Fanbump reviews all over the Internet can be fake (they are not, mostly at least), but you may easily check the personas in charge and decide whether to trust them or not.

Is the service safe?

A customer’s safety goes first, and the Fanbump team prefers to work a bit longer and keep the page safe and sound. They also adjust their strategy to Instagram warnings.

Is the service legit?

Is FanBump legit?

Theoretically yes, but they've already faced some issues with Intsagram.

Is the service scam?

The company doesn’t steal accounts or use them in any other way than the promotion of the client’s content. They charge premium prices, but they provide premium services too. The scam services usually offer free trials to hijack accounts, but here a serious contract is made.

looking for alternatives?

Alternative Services

Fanbump vs. Instaboostgram

Instaboostgram also provides high security measures, protecting the privacy and safety of your account. They also offer moderate prices and help with content. But they are much less precise with choosing an audience - that means that people will unfollow you right after you stop paying. Automatic likes service also hints that all the pages that use this service will like each other. If you need an instant result for a moderate price - Instaboostgram is good for you. Fanbump is more expensive but more sophisticated and suitable for long-term goals.

Fanbump vs. Audiencegain

Audiencegain proposes services for any social media: from YouTube to SoundCloud. It has a wide range of price packages for Instagram (that are also mostly cheaper than Fanbump’s). Audiencegain guarantees the number of followers or likes that were paid for in a package and cares for the safety of the account. The drawbacks are that the prices are comparable with Fanbump, but the quality of followers is lower, auto-likes and auto-watches are also present (even the text on their front page is SEO-optimised, not human-optimised). Audiencegain is a good choice for a guaranteed result, but again, if your goal isn’t followers alone, but people who are genuinely interested, Fanbump still takes the lead.

Fanbump vs. MediaMister

Media Mister is another company catering for main Social Media platforms. It is relatively inexpensive, offers organic traffic and delivery within 2-3days. The packages are easy to choose and well-organized. It also has a strong customer support team and offers a full money-back guarantee, if anything goes wrong, within 30 days from purchase. At the same time, there is no free trial.



Most Fanbump reviews on the Internet point out that Fanbump is a great service for slow and safe growth. The dissatisfied customers wished their accounts to gain likes and followers faster, and there are lots of them. But the sincerest reviews are of those who have finished the contract with Fanbump. Their followers were still with them, reading, liking, and discussing their posts. That means that Fanbump managed to get the right target audience to their accounts.

There are very few reviews of this company on Trustpilot, but they are surprisingly detailed.


I have been using FanBump for a few months now and my following has nearly doubled. I have been connected with others in my industry as well a others who are not. FanBump conveniently sends out reminders to update your targeting and does pretty darn good at focusing on your follow goals. There is great communication from the team and recently with a change to Instagram, they offered a refund for the two weeks-a month of slow or no growth. I could not be happier and so glad I gave them a shot. I also tried another Instagram growth service which was total junk and my followers were less than stellar. Give them a try, and be patient as growth (good growth) doesn't happen overnight. Don't expect 1K followers in a few weeks time, which isn't realistic, trust me, you don't want those followers anyway. My FanBump followers actually interact with my account regularly.

5 stars

Max Barker

We signed up with Fanbump and paid our $99 fee for the first month. After more than a week of zero results, I sent an email to fanbump requesting a refund and cancelling my account. They did absolutely nothing for me in the week and a half since I had signed up with them. They are a waste of money. Do not spend the money!

1 stars

Honest service but rough experience


In terms of raw numbers the service is fine. A lot of the followers were engaging almost immediately. I personally do think I have great content that lends itself to that behavior. Regardless, after the first two weeks I was recommending this to folks I know who are interested in increasing their following. The founder seems like a nice/decent guy, and I like that he engages directly. He's also put his name on the line which is not a small deal thing to me.

2 stars

Is it worth it?

When this service is suitable?

If you need a steady and long-term growth with dedicated followers - definitely yes. If you are looking for faster and guaranteed results and the quality of followers isn’t your first priority, you may try cheaper alternatives. But Fanbump still holds the leading position in its niche – the Instagram promotion services that generate truly organic traffic.

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