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Pros and Cons

  • Lots of services
  • Four social media networks
  • The program seems to be glitchy
  • No refunds available in any case
  • No free trial
  • Tech support answers within a week
  • Not suitable for new Instagram rules

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About the service

Followliker is a multipurpose social media promotion service.

You can use Followliker for Instagram, Tumblr, Twitter, and Pinterest. Its range of possibilities is really fantastic - more than two dozen features include smart search, photo search, autoliking and autofollowing, managing direct messages, and lots of other functions.

Despite that, Followliker is notorious for its glitches, extremely slow tech support, rigid and non-humane Terms and Conditions, and no refunds ever, even in case of a zombie apocalypse.

Main features

Follow Liker was created to automate your main Instagram actions or needs.

Follow Liker is a software aimed at making your marketing on Instagram much easier. There are so many features, from auto-likes to schedule tasks that it will greatly relieve your social media routine.

Folllow Liker company offers no free trial, however, it offers many unique services such as photo search. That says, there is more than one negative review and little positive ones.

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Instagram likes

Followliker allows you to auto-like photos or even customize your like preferences.

Real Instagram followers

With Followliker, you can follow or unfollow users. For instance, you can follower some people who discuss a particular topic found by a keyword.

Instagram views

This company’s packages don’t include views.


In case of your Followliker not working, the tech support is ready to help. It works on a ticket basis, but the support agents may wait a week before answering to your ticket, as some of the angry reviews state.

Does FollowLiker Offer Refunds?

No refunds ever.

Is there a Free Trial for FollowLiker Services?

Followliker free trial doesn’t exist yet.

Compatible Payment Methods

The company accepts all major credit/debit cards and PayPal.

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FollowLiker Deals and Discounts

Followliker coupons don’t exist yet.

FollowLiker: some unique features

Smart search

Photo search

Autoliking and autofollowing

Managing direct messages

Lots of other functions

In a few steps, this is how it works

How it works

Read and agree to the Terms of Use and the Refund Policy

Click on "Order now" and provide order billing information

Proceed to checkout and make your purchase


Results and Safety

There are so many following options and other services to choose, that the results are promised to be impressive if you use this software wisely.

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Followers are growing rapidly.

More than 10K followers in less than 5 months, as reviews said.

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What are their guarantees?

Does FollowLiker provide any guarantees?

No. Their Terms of use state that " makes no warranties, expressed or implied," and offers no refunds, as all sales are final.

Is the service safe?

Your credentials are never transferred to any external source. The program may store it to have access to your accounts but won’t use it anywhere else. The company accepts all major credit/debit cards and PayPal. Before you proceed to checkout, they ask you one more time about reading their Terms and Conditions, including the Refund Policy section, so please make sure that you read that part and understood that no refunds would be possible.

Is the service legit?

Is FollowLiker legit?

As it doesn't sell followers, likes etc. directly but is merely an account management and automation tool, it is legit.

Is the service scam?

Is FollowLiker scam?

There are many reviews claiming this service is scammy and either don't work or people get their accs banned. However, some reviewers claim the service has been delivered to them, albeit in a lesser amount than promised.

looking for alternatives?

Alternative Services

Jarvee vs. Followliker

Jarvee provides services for twice as many social networks than Followliker. It also offers 5 days of a free trial, and the site is much more user-friendly than the Followliker’s. The average prices are higher, but you don’t have to pay for the software separately. The interface of Jarvee is similarly complicated (even though there are slightly fewer functions than in Followliker), but the site provides explicit video tutorials to master it.

The tech support of Jarvee works much faster, answering within 1-3 days and providing useful advice. Jarvee Terms and Conditions are also much more flexible, adding something else to Followliker’s “it’s all your problem now, even the typos on our site.”

Instagress vs. Followliker

Instagress was quite a popular service offering users to grow their Instagram accounts using a bot. It has been recently shut down due to a “request” from Instagram, which tries hard to delete bots from its platform.

MediaMister vs. Followliker

Media Mister is one of the few agencies offering services for the same social media networks (Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr) and over a dozen more. There is a considerable number of services, too (up to 12) offered for each platform. For instance, the agency offers to buy Instagram saves, mentions, and replies, which are quite exotic services, but some customers might still need them.



This is the most miserable service due to the reviews, and this situation doesn’t look like a result of a review war with some other competitors. Even skipping the ones that complain about the impossibility to get a refund, we still get plenty of angry reviews. At first, the Followliker team didn’t adjust to Instagram rules change properly, so, lots of accounts were banned. The tech support answers within a week, and their answers don’t help.

You may have a look at the Trustpilot page by yourself and make your conclusions.

There are 89%(!) “bad” reviews vs 5% “excellent” ones (there are only two 5-star reviews).

Patrick Digilio

Not sure why there are bad reviews, I also seem to be the few who have had this software work. Not 500 followers per day, but a few hundred within a week or so.

5 stars

Athien Richard

Not bad but lower features than other automation software. Not a very user-friendly interface.

3 stars


Terrible app. I had used it for three days before Instagram blocked my account... Stay away from it!

1 stars

Is it worth it?

Is it advisable to try?

No, no, and no again. Even if you are lucky and your edition will work fine, you are paying for something you can’t try, you can’t return, and you can’t even get fixed. This is not the service that is worth its money (by the way, the price of the software itself isn’t small - and it would be justified if they provided quickly reacting and skilled support, but not now).

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