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Pros and Cons

  • Easy to use
  • Apps for both Android and iOS
  • Free
  • No hashtag following
  • No FAQ on the site
About the service

What is Hublaagram?

Hublaagram is one of the projects of the Hublaa team. These developers have already released several other scripts for different social media that allow people to exchange likes. Hublaagram is their second project (after Facebook script) and the most successful one so far. There is Hublagraam for Instagram, but currently no Hublagraam Facebook or Hublagraam Twitter. It allows users to get free likes, free comments and free followers, instead of paying agencies for some random likes and followers who are either bots or unfollow right after you stop paying them.

Such scripts (or apps, because Hublaagram has recently turned into an app based service) allow you to get likes, follows and comments from real people on realistic pace, not all at once - and promote your account organically and naturally.

Main features

Hublaagram is a free Instagram App.

Hublaagram is another project launched by Hublaa team, offering Instagram promotion services based on like exchange between users. This is a free Android/iOS-based app, allowing people to get free likes, comments and followers, but unfortunately no views. A user should enter their Instagram username and password to login into the system.

There is a web version and an application version of Hublagraam.

Login & Buy
Instagram likes

Likes are offered at the exchange basis.

Real Instagram followers

Hublaagram allows users to get new followers through their network for free on an exchange basis.

Instagram views

They don’t offer views.


Issues can be reported to their twitter page @HublaaStatus.


Pricing and unique features

Their basic service is free as they operate as an exchange platform. Only VIP packages are paid.

Social Media

100 pcs. 500 pcs. 1 000 pcs.




















Does Hublaagram Offer Refunds?

No refund option.

Is there a Free Trial for Hublaagram Services?

There are no free trials.

Compatible Payment Methods

This agency uses both credit cards and PayPal if you want to buy VIP packages.

PayPal, Credit Card
Hublaagram Deals and Discounts

The service is provided for free, except VIP packages, so there are no discounts.

Hublaagram: some unique features

A free Instagram App/Windows-based software

Operates as an exchange system

Allows to get likes, followers, and comments in exchange

In a few steps, this is how it works

How it works

Download the app

Enter your Instagram username and password to access

Start working on new followers


Results and Safety

The results are obvious right after a couple of hours. The more people use Hublaagram, the more diverse and active will your audience be and the more will it please the Instagram algorithms. The guarantee of the results lies in the very principle of app’s work: people get likes for likes automatically. One can’t just get likes without liking others, so everything is as fair as possible.

Go to Website

The delivery takes approximately 2 to 4 hours.

Likes for likes got automatically.

Have questions?


What are their guarantees?

The guarantee of the results lies in the very principle of app’s work: people get likes for likes automatically.

Is the service safe?

Using this exchange system doesn't seem to pose risks beyond entering your Insta username and password to access. If you find this unacceptable, you should try another service.

Is the service legit?

The principle the app uses looks like legit.

Is the service scam?

Some people complain they are getting bot-like followers, but other than that, they are happy with the service.

looking for alternatives?

Alternative Services


Robolike is another Instagram auto-promotion tool, that proudly celebrates its sixth birthday. In addition to the functionality of the previous two services it also offers following your hashtags. Unlike Hublaagram and Ighoot this service is paid, but it offers free trial. Robolike provides likes only, for extra safety from Instagram anti-spam policies and to avoid the unrelated comments. Robolike is also an one-click service, but its tech support provides help 24/7. It’s unclear, if Robolike uses bots to get likes though. From the one hand, it has survived for six years and still is considered one of the best, but from the other hand Hublaagram and Ighoot emphasis the realness of their accounts and Robolike doesn’t.


Ighoot offers a simple web interface (that isn’t always as convenient as an app) that works exactly like Hublaagram. The app has appeared only recently and for Android systems only. The site is more user-friendly, the FAQ is broader. The Ighoot service has its limits of daily likes - to increase these limits one needs to post a story about Ighoot or simply pay. That’s understandable, the company still needs to earn its bread - and thanks for honest warning about it.


Like4Like is another free Instagram like exchange system, offering users to get the exact number of likes they leave on other accounts. The system is free, but offers only likes, nothing more.



There are not many reviews on the Internet, and no Trustpilot page of this company, but mostly they are positive. The users mention the fair play of the company and the equal like for like ratio. They also appreciated the creation of the Android and iOS apps, because using it right away from tablets or phones has become even easier. Some of the disappointed people pointed out that their accounts liked anyone else and subscribed to lots of unrelated accounts, but that’s how it works.

Also, for whatever reasons, Hublaagram app was removed from Google Play and now it’s available on the site only. Now to install it you have to allow using apps from external sources. It can look like loss of security, but there were no cases of personal data leakage mentioned in the reviews.

Scotia Videen

They can use both real and fake Instagram accounts to follow you. The fake accounts are liabilities, if someone reports them as spam, then they’re gone. So you might get more followers with this service, but there is no guarantee, that they are real.

3 stars


For whatever reasons, Hublaagram app was removed from Google Play and now it’s available on the site only. Now to install it you have to allow using apps from external sources. It can look like a loss of security, but I've seen no cases of personal data leakage from my account.

3 stars

Kerry White

I've got all of my ordered followers, but my account liked anyone else and subscribed to lots of unrelated accounts, but that's easy to fix.

4 stars

Is it worth it?

Should I try it?

If you need an easy way to get likes and follows, using only one app from any portable device, Hublaagram is what you need. It doesn’t provide many extra services, but it will naturally and organically promote your account, delivering likes to your posts gradually and from different accounts.

If you aren’t okay with your account liking the posts of others, you may use other options such as paid services that provide likes without expecting likes from you in exchange. Also if you need more services, such as hashtag following, you also need to search for other options. But Hublaagram is safe, free and simple and it is a decent choice for your Instagram account promotion.

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