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Pros and Cons

  • It is a quick way of getting a good branding impression on one of the world’s most powerful social media platform
  • Security of their clients’ Instagram accounts is guaranteed as iDigic do not require passwords to operate
  • The packages are available in different sizes, giving room for all sizes of brands to use the service
  • The service is quite safe based on Reddit reviews which describe iDigic as a reliable and genuine company known for quality delivery
  • There is no option for a refund in case the need of brands is not met in the long run
  • Brands run the risk of getting their Instagram accounts suspended if the terms and conditions of Instagram change and conflict with the mode of operation of iDigic
  • Good results come at a cost

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About the service

About the service

iDigic is a brand-building company that makes use of Instagram as a platform to execute its activities.

iDigic helps its clients have access to audience, reputation, and engagement for their brand, using a number of Instagram features.

Main features

iDigic helps its clients have access to audience, reputation, and engagement for their brand, using a number of Instagram features.

This agency offers its customers to buy likes on Instagram, as well as real Instagram followers and views, as evidenced in this review and on their website. Of the customers' reviews, positive ones dominate.

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Instagram likes

iDigic provides clients who need a branding enhancement with likes on their Instagram page. It recognizes the ability of Instagram likes to improve brand engagement figures, understanding that people make use of Instagram likes to quantify the success of brands. Therefore, they help their clients obtain Instagram likes at a set price.

Real Instagram followers

iDigic identifies followership to be the lifeline of the Instagram application because of its ability to add to the credibility and visibility of clients’ Instagram page. Hence, it helps brands to boost their level of exposure by offering them follower packages in different sizes. Also, the real Instagram followers’ option provided by iDigic is designed to make the right follower package available to clients, depending on the intention or reason of the client for purchasing Instagram followers.

Instagram views

iDigic opens up an avenue for clients who are interested in increasing their brand strength via Instagram views quickly by selling Instagram views to them. They understand that if you need a strong brand, you can enhance your brand strength in terms of reputation and social proof by ensuring that they have lots of views on their Instagram page. Hence, they provide views for brands in small and large packages, depending on the need of the brand.


A 24/7 live support is available, making it possible for clients to be given an audience anytime they have a complaint, clarification, or suggestion.


Pricing and unique features

The prices for their services start from $1.95.

Social Media

100 pcs. 500 pcs. 1 000 pcs.


2.95 6.95 12.95


2.95 6.95 12.95




1.95 2.95 3.85
Does Idigic Offer Refunds?

There is no option for a refund.

Is there a Free Trial for Idigic Services?

No free trial is offered.

Compatible Payment Methods

Make payments through any of the payment methods provided by iDigic.

PayPal, Credit Card
Idigic Deals and Discounts

Currently, they are giving clients a 25% promotion on all packages on Instagram likes and followers.

Idigic: some unique features

Instant delivery is guaranteed

Ability to distribute views between several videos

Views are generated from accounts that have an interest in

No password is required

A 24/7 live chat support

In a few steps, this is how it works

How it works

Brands interested in their service are to choose a suitable and workable Instagram views package

Fill in their Instagram username

Make payments using any of the payment methods provided by iDigic


Results and Safety

According to their claim, results are seen immediately after the payment is made for any of their services in line with the terms and conditions of the service paid for. Also, the quality of followers is promised to be high, considering the fact that followers are issued to clients based on the goals and aims of their brand, thereby helping them become more effective in the long run.

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Results are immediately after the payment.

A boost in the quality of followers is assured.

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What are their guarantees?

What are their guarantees?

They guarantee immediate results and the safety of the Instagram account of brands doing business with them.

Is the service safe?

Is the service safe?

Reviewers claim that the service is quite safe and they didn’t get their accounts suspended.

Is the service legit?

Is the service legit?

This is subject to the terms and conditions of Instagram platform which are changing from time to time, but currently it is legit.

Is the service scam?

Is the company scam?

Reviews vary, but the general impression is customers mostly get what they have paid for or, if not, may file a claim and get a refill.

looking for alternatives?

Alternative Services


This company offers services for many social media platforms, including not only Instagram, but Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn and more. Their prices are different for regular customers, resellers and dealers, and depend on the amount ordered. For example, 1000 followers cost about $70, and views start from $ 1.6. Despite many services provided, their pricing system is quite complicated and needs clarification.


This company also provides likes, followers, and views. Its services are cheap and it promises speedy delivery. However, its issues include a high drop rate and no money-back guarantee. On the other hand, a customer can interact with their target audience, not some random users. Likes' prices start from $2.89/100 pcs and views -- $1.99/500 pcs.


Another close and long-established alternative to Idigic is Buzzoid. They offer packages of Instagram services (starting from $1.99), two kinds of followers - Regular and Engaged Followers and a free trial for first-time customers (getting their first 50 Instagram likes for free). They use a third party called AutomaticViral for dealing with Instagram, and ensure their services look natural and the first likes will start appearing on your page in 30 seconds after you have published your post. They also promise a full refund within 30 days in case you are not satisfied with the results of their work.



There are more positive than negative customers’ reviews. For example, out of 350 reviews on Trustpilot, 45% are positive and 29% are negative.

Callum Ross

So so SO easy. I thought there would lots of complicated sign up information and processing but I literally just connected my Instagram account, entered my credit card details and a few minutes later I could see the follwers I had purchased appear on my post. I’m not usually known for leaving reviews but it just blew my mind that buying followers could be so easy! I run several different Instagram accounts and will definitely be using this service for those pages as well. 10/10 would recommend.

4 stars


Don‘t buy from this website I didn't even get as many followers as I bought. In addition, I was in support 3 times but nothing came up except unnecessary bot answers and dodging questions. Don't buy followers from iDigic it's just a waste of time and money.

1 stars

Mary Davis

The followers sold by iDigic are above average. Even though they don't sweep me off my feet to a very large extent, they are better than most vendors I have patronized.

4 stars

Is it worth it?

Going by iDigic reviews found on reddit and information on their official website, the offer looks like something worth trying.

A comment on the review after the experience will help others make more informed decision regarding iDigic’s Instagram branding services. You can also go on Instagram and look up iDigic Instagram followers to see for yourself what brands think about the company.

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