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Pros and Cons

  • Auto Likes
  • Direct Messages
  • Auto Follow/Unfollow
  • Scheduled Posting
  • Instagram Tools
  • There isn't free trial
  • The private VPN server is included in the price
  • There are no refund policies on the site

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About the service

What is Ingramer?

Ingramer is a multipurpose Instagram promotion service that allows you to get auto likes, manage direct messages, schedule your post, and auto follow or unfollow other pages and get an explicit analysis of your page growth.

Ingramer does all the routine, gathering and giving likes and making the first contact with people.

Main features

Instagram bot with humanlike behavior

Ingramer is a cloud-based service that doesn’t require download. On the one hand, you may use it from any device, but on the other hand, those who are used to apps may find it uncomfortable. It’s up to you to consider it a feature or a drawback.

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Instagram likes

The service offers autolikes from a customer's profile.

Real Instagram followers

It doesn't offer followers, only automatic follow/unfollow actions.

Instagram views

The developer team claims that the behavior of Ingramer bot is very humanlike, so even the new Instagram algorithms won’t suspend you and get your account banned. They also adjust to the changes in Instagram policies and AI quickly, thinking outside the box and making their service work under any circumstances.


The customer support service members answer within a day and are friendly and helpful, explaining anything you want to know. We didn’t get into the real troubles with Ingramer, though, but what we saw was a very positive attitude.

Does Ingramer Offer Refunds?

There are no refund policies on the site (though the FAQ is rather descriptive), but you may calculate refundable and non-refundable parts by yourself.

Is there a Free Trial for Ingramer Services?

Due to the need to pay for VPN server the Ingramer team has cancelled the free trial period.

Compatible Payment Methods

You can pay for its services with all major credit or debit cards or via PayPal.

Visa, Mastercard, Discover, Credit Card
Ingramer Deals and Discounts

There are no promo codes right now, and the prices are fixed; however, there are 2 free plans: Basic Plan and Starter Plan.

Ingramer: some unique features

Instagram auto likes & following, managing direct messages, scheduling posts

Humanlike behaviour

Can be used from any device without downloading

Quickly adjusting to the changes in Instagram policies

Customer support answers within a day

In a few steps, this is how it works

How it works

Sign Up and Add Your Account

Enter your email or link your account to a social network to create a new account. Connect your Instagram profile(s) to our service

Set Up Your New Campaign

Adjust your activities: target your audience, set daily limits, enable filters

Slow Down, Relax, and Enjoy

Ready! Now let Ingramer run your account(s) and track down the results by using our sophisticated analytic tools


Results and Safety

The company states their clients get about 3000 followers per month.

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The company claims that it takes less than 7 minutes to sign up for this Instagram bot and set up your first promotion.

They grow your viewers and subscribers by getting viewers who liked contents similar to what you have on your channel to view.

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What are their guarantees?

What does Ingramer guarantee?

It guarantees a steady growth of your account and up to 25000 likes and 2000 or more new followers in 1 month.

Is the service safe?

Is using Ingramer safe?

They proudly call themselves "the safest Instagram Bot on the market" due to 3 factors: a special algorithm that adheres to all Instagram rules and limits, which makes it impossible to get banned if you avoid manual actions, imitation of human behaviour according to a chosen timezone, and a competent support team.

Is the service legit?

Is using Ingramer legit?

While Instagram doesn't approve of such services, it still did not manage to shut down Ingramer, which means this bot is quite efficient and safe to use.

Is the service scam?

Is Ingramer legit or scam?

Ingramer is a bot, but it is designed to follow Instagram rules and imitate real human behaviour, which minimizes a risk to get banned.

looking for alternatives?

Alternative Services


The closest competitor of Ingramer is Instazood. Instazood offers the same range of services, and the main difference is in the pricing plans. Ingramer provides an all-inclusive subscription with a private VPN service. Using Instazood you have to pay separately for likes, direct messages, and other offerings. You may adjust your price to tailor-made the range of options in Instazood, but if you decide to choose everything, the price will be almost like Ingramer’s.

Ingramer offers a higher safety, with humanlike algorithms, SSH certificate, and the private VPN server, but Instazood gives a free trial and has discounts eventually.

Both services are cloud-based; the interfaces are similar too. The analysis tools look similar, but we haven’t figured out yet if they work similarly too. Anyway, the results shouldn’t be drastically different.

Instazood has more negative or one-sentence reviews than Ingramer, so Ingramer gets extra credibility points here.


Instagress used to be a good alternative to Ingramer, but now the service is closed and their customers can only request a refund.


This software offers similar prices, but offers a 3-day free trial.



There are plenty of reviews of Ingramer on the Internet, with over than 40% of "excellent" and "great" ones, and they are rich in detail and seem to be written by real people.

The Ingramer reviews are mostly explicit. The negative ones describe the problem, and the positive ones also add some flavor to their five-star rating. The reviews are written by the live people, and this adds the most credibility to the service reputation.

You may have a look at the Ingramer’s review page on Trustpilot. The support team promptly answers the angry posts, and thanks for the approving ones. The people who write reviews mostly love the intelligent AI of the service and detailed analysis, especially hashtag analysis. The disappointed reviewers complain that the tech support didn’t answer them, but we see an answer almost under every review on TrustPilot. Possibly, the mistakes were made, but the Ingramer team does its best to correct them and maintain good publicity.

There are many Truspilot reviews of this service, and they are mixed, with “bad” ones slightly prevailing; however, there are 40% of “excellent” and 6% of “great” ones.

Lots of negative reviews were also connected to the changes in Instagram algorithms. It was a time when no service worked correctly just because the basic AI principles had to be rewritten. There are also some reviews about Ingramer not working for whatever reason, but it seems that the troubles were solved, either via a refund or in any other way.


Amazing Instagram Hashtag Generator

I generated and wrote down just 15 hashtags and I got more than 5k post views by hashtags! Thanks!

5 stars


Really bad

Took the money, but s*** doesn’t work, with VPN and without. Support gives stupid answer and they don’t refund the money. Someone tried to changed pw of my Instagram. Scam!

1 stars


I've been using another Instagram bot for many months, but it stopped working, so I was in search for any other bot.

Nevertheless, Ingramer has high prices and not very good reviews, I decided to try it out and signed up.

They offered to set up VPN when I purchased a month, there were some problems with it, but support team helped me very quickly.

For the first days of using the service, I wasn't really glad cos the bot didn't make many likes and follows as they promise on their website, but the support assured me that it was normal.

In a week of promotion with this service the activity was increasing smoothly, but at least it was working in comparison with other bots.

By the end of my month I can say that surprisingly I gained followers and more or less the system worked most of the days I had.

3 stars

Is it worth it?

Is it the best among its competitors?

We can’t say that it is exactly the best one, but it is a decent competitor to other Instagram bots and promotion services. Ingramer price looks average, the tools that it offers to the customers are slightly below average, but, what is most important, the live Ingramer reviews show both good and bad sides of the service. You can also see how the client support service solves the troubles that made people leave reviews.

Maybe, it’s not the best, but it is definitely a real and working service. There are services, such as Instazood, that offer a partial solution, so if you need just a part of Ingramer’s service, it might look a little too costly. But these costs are paid for safety, the private VPN server and safety certificates Ingramer has. If you can afford the budget they want, it looks like a good opportunity to boost your Instagram account quickly and organically.

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