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Pros and Cons

  • Full range of Instagram services
  • Lots of other social media covered
  • Great reviews
  • Accepts PayPal
  • Vague Terms and Conditions
  • No refund
  • No trial period

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About the service

InstaFollowers is an agency that specializes in Instagram.

One may buy Instagram likes, followers, comments, views, IGTV services - pretty much everything that may help you promote your Instagram account, both business or private.

It offers other social media services as well, but their range is much narrower, and they seem to be added just to make the agency more universal.

Main features

The main feature of the company is its ability to provide a full range of Instagram services, not only likes or followers.

The company provides a variety of Instagram services. Other platforms, even not so popular, such as Vimeo or Periscope, also have a place there, but with a much narrower list of services. The exact list of what they can do is negotiable, so if you need some exotic services, you are welcome to get in touch with them.

Instagram likes cost from $0,01 per like. The agency differentiates auto-likes and real likes from real persons who do see your account. The refund is only possible in case of not delivering an order within three days. Changing your mind isn’t a cause for it. There is no trial period as well. The agency offers some minor discounts, but they look more like a marketing strategy than a real lowering of the price. InstaFollowers accepts all the major credit cards and PayPal.

The Terms and Conditions of the agency are a bit vague, but they do place emphasis on the refund policy, making sure that you know that it isn’t possible in case of successful delivery. You may start to see the results anytime from 15 minutes (for auto likes) to 2 days (custom comments). The FAQ is explicit, the tech support was quite friendly and helpful, and the Order Tracking page allows you to have a look at your order status. You don’t have to do anything after the payment, and the agency will take care of the rest.

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Instagram likes

Instagram likes cost from $0,01 per like. The agency differentiates auto-likes from real people's likes who do see your account.

Real Instagram followers

This company doesn’t offer real followers. There is an option of choosing either “High Quality Followers” or “Premium Followers”, which are “real-looking followers who have a detailed profile and some followers.” Their price starts from $3.51 per 100.

Instagram views

There are Instagram Views, Automatic Instagram Views for 5 or more videos you will upload from now on, and even an option of getting 100 Free Instagram Views.


Customer can contact the company via a live chat window in the bottom right corner of the website, through their WhatsApp, email or contact form.


Pricing and unique features

The company boasts that their prices are very reasonable, and their services are actually not expensive, starting from $1.60 per 100 items.

Social Media

100 pcs. 500 pcs. 1 000 pcs.


2.4 6.84 11.61


2.61 6.21 11.61




1.62 1.71 2.61


13.5 49.5 81


16.12 48.51 80.91


16.11 62.55 107.1


134.1 134.1 6.21


22.4 71.1 134.1


134.1 134.1 134.1
Does Instafollowers Offer Refunds?

The refund is only possible in case of not delivering an order within three days.

Is there a Free Trial for Instafollowers Services?

There is no trial period.

Compatible Payment Methods

The company accepts PayPal or the same credit/debit cards that PayPal accepts such as Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, etc.

Visa, PayPal, Mastercard, Discover, Credit card, American Express
Instafollowers Deals and Discounts

They offer a discount for amounts starting from 250 items and up to about 20% for bulk orders (for example, there is an 18% discount for 1000 Instagram Comments).

Instafollowers: some unique features

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TikTok Video Downloader

Istagram Video Downloader

Blog with Useful Advice on SM

In a few steps, this is how it works

How it works

Fill in a Username/Link Section

Select the number of items to buy and see the calculated price

Click on Add to Cart of Buy Now and proceed to payment


Results and Safety

The ordered items will start appearing on a customer's account within 1 hour.

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The services you have ordered (likes, followers etc.) will start appearing on your page within 1 hour, but the more items you have ordered, the longer the order will take to complete (for example, 1000 Instagram likes will be added during 1-2 days).

The company has an Order Tracking Page where you can track your order in progress. It also offers blog articles with useful advice and a short SEO guide for beginners.

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What are their guarantees?

The company uses safe payment methods, the 256-bit SSL protection, and doesn't store or share their customers' info, so working with them is safe. They also guarantee an instant delivery of services, a refill and a refund is if they do not deliver your order within three days of the time in which you first placed your order.

Is the service safe?

The service has one of the best scores on TrustPilot. Though there are only 32 reviews, they are mostly positive, giving a total score of 4 out of 5. Still, some of them are written by the accounts with that review only that do seem suspicious. But this site looks safe and definitely deserves to give it a try.

Is the service legit?

The company claims it is legitimate and you won't get banned by using their services; the reviewers also don't mention getting banned, so it's safe to say this company is legit.

Is the service scam?

Judging by the company's prices and customers' reviews, this company delivers quite well for the prices they ask. In case of a negative review, they contact a reviewer and offer a refill.

looking for alternatives?

Alternative Services


Redsocial is one of the most renowned social media agencies with a broad range of services. Redsocial also operates on lots of exotic social media platforms, working with Tumblr, TikTok, Vkontakte, and others. Its prices are a bit higher, though. Redsocial also doesn’t have a primary media (like Instagram for InstaFollowers) but provides all the services equally.


Jarvee is an app-based service. It also can deal with different social media simultaneously but is more expensive and demands much more effort from the customer’s’ side. Actually, it isn’t an agency; it is a management application that allows you to buy likes, post, and cross-post your content and generally manage all your social media accounts from one platform. Jarvee is a bit costly, but still, it can be a competitor to InstaFollowers in terms of a range.


FiringTable is a new Instagram promotion agency that also offers complete management of an Instagram account: from buying likes to custom comments and answering the direct messages of the clients. FiringTable doesn’t provide any additional services for other social media networks, but it can be compared to InstaFollowers both in terms of price and Instagram services range and quality.



The InstaFollowers reviews on TrustPilot are mostly positive, though the agency has only a few of them. Some of the reviews are short and written by accounts with only that one review in their writing history - but the score looks quite plausible in general. Only 22% of the total number of reviews have a one-star score.

Alex Elliott

I just got 5k Instagram likes. I'm so satisfied now. All of the likes seem quality and normal. It's been recommended to me by a friend. Actually, first I didn't trust but now I have no doubt about this service quality. Everything working on as they said. Thank you.

5 stars

Allan Smith

Super easy, super cheap, but I only received about 65% of the number of likes that I paid for. Keep that in mind if you buy from them!

3 stars

Dylan Brell

SCAM, I lost my $$ after reading some good comments I was a bit confident, bought followers 3 days after they were gone, I asked for a refund they said they will re-fill, the problem is 3 days after I lost all of them again. This is fraud.

1 stars

Is it worth it?


We don’t know what is the service quality for other social media, but the Instagram services range is amazing, and the prices are quite affordable. If your primary social media account is an Instagram one and you do occasionally use some other accounts, or need to manage some exotic social media networks, it can be a great choice for you.

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