Top Instagram services

Instagram is one of the most popular social media networks in the world. It is also the most potent promotion place for the health and beauty industry because it is specifically designed for displaying photos. Instagram is also great for tourism and handmade business, enabling instant emotional response to the vivid images or stories you post.


Where to Buy your Followers

Reasons to buy

Why do you need to buy Instagram likes and followers?

For a new Instagram user, it may be hard to compete with fully grown businesses that have attracted thousands of followers. A fresh page requires a little boost to become visible and start gathering organic traffic on its own. In a nutshell — you just need to kickstart your business to make it moving.

Places to buy

Where to buy Instagram likes?

Instagram is the most popular social network for buying likes, so it isn’t a problem to find an agency dealing with it. The problem is to find the right agency that does provide likes from live users and won’t use your account as a likes bot (sadly, but it happens too often). So check the agencies, which guarantee live likes and have good reviews from their customers.

Tell me the price

How much does it cost to buy likes on Instagram?

The price starts from about $2.00 per 100 autolikes (likes from live but random people) and goes up to $15+ per 100 highly targeted likes with live comments. Some agencies can cut these prices in half if they have wholesale offers or coupons, but you probably shouldn’t wait for a coupon to use — the average term of using such services is 3-6 months, so sooner or later, you’ll have to pay the full price.

Ways to find

How to find a legit Instagram likes provider?

You need to check the methods of payment first (is it verified by PayPal, for example? PayPal can freeze the accounts of scammers and return money to victims). Do they have any safety certificates? Great reviews (or no reviews at all even though the company pretends to be on the market for years)? Do their Terms and Conditions look legit? What is the refund policy? Here, on our site, we have already gathered answers for most of these questions for you.