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Pros and Cons

  • Secure Http website
  • User-friendly interface
  • Affordable prices
  • 3-day free trial
  • Targets organic engagements
  • Kenji bots work 24/7 on your page
  • No information on their contact page
  • Poor customer support
  • Scarce and poor reviews

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About the service

Kenji is an Instagram bot that’s the first service provider to use artificial intelligence to boost your Instagram engagements.

When you’re using Instagram for social media marketing, you’ll need a boost to get your page started. Today we’ll be reviewing Kenji, which is a service provider that increases your Instagram engagements. Keep reading to find out if Kenji is a reliable and secure brand to work with. Kenji Overview Kenji is an Instagram bot that’s the first service provider to use artificial intelligence to boost your Instagram engagements. The Kenji service provider assists thousands of Instagram users in gaining the correct followers that are specific to their niche.

How Does Kenji Help Customers?

Starting up your social media accounts takes time and patience, but sometimes no matter how many posts you make, you simply can’t gain the number of engagements you want. That’s where Kenji Instagram services come in.

Whether you have a small business or you’re an up and coming influencer, Kenji helps you gain organic Instagram engagements to increase the popularity of your page faster. The advantage is that Kenji works around the clock, so you’re Instagram page is always taken care of while you focus on other aspects of your brand. Is it easy to use Kenji Service? The Kenji brand has a user-friendly interface that’s easy to set up and manage. Pricing Packages There are two packages that Kenji offers its users:

  • Samurai package: For $19 a month you can get unlimited hashtags, high speeds, and location targeting
  • Shogun package: This package costs you $29 a month, and you receive all the features from the Samurai package but with additional features, namely HyperTarget and Negative Keyword filtering
These packages are monthly subscriptions. So, if you want a yearly subscription, Kenji offers the Samurai deal for $159 a year and the Shogun package for $243 a year.

Main features

The Kenji service provider offers three features.

Location targets: This feature gives you followers based on their location.

Hashtag targeting: Using hashtags on your content gives you engagements according to your niche.

HyperTarget feature: With the HyperTarget feature Kenji acquires organic engagements so that your page gains followers and likes from real people—not robots.

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Instagram likes

Kenji doesn't sell likes directly but it is supposed you wil get them as your account becomes more popular.

Real Instagram followers

Kenji promises that its customers will gain real followers according to their preferences using such features as unlimited hashtags, blacklists, negative keywords, users' interests, location targeting etc.

Instagram views

Kenji is effortless to set up because all you have to do is purchase a package, and the Instagram boosting service provider will do all the work for you. However, it doesn't offer a specific number of views, likes or followers for a set price.


There is a Helpdesk and an option to write an email to the company.

Does Kenji Offer Refunds?

Kenji does offer refunds, but the company’s website states that it can deny requests for refunds at its sole discretion.

Is there a Free Trial for Kenji Services?

There are free trials for both packages offered on the Kenji website. The free trials allow you to use the services for three days without providing the company with your credit card details.

Compatible Payment Methods

Kenji accepts purchases with any credit or debit card services.

Credit card
Kenji Deals and Discounts

A customer gets 30% off the price of their package if they order a Yearly subscription.

Kenji: some unique features

Unlimited Hashtags

High-Speed Delivery

Location Targeting


HyperTaget Feature

In a few steps, this is how it works

How it works

Sign up by getting the Kenji download

Link your Instagram account to the provided dashboard

Add the Kenji HyperTarget feature and hashtags to all your content to gain the correct Instagram engagements for your niche


Results and Safety

After purchasing your Kenji package, you will be able to use its services immediately. Simply inform Kenji about your targeting preferences, and the bot will find engagements according to the information you’ve given it.

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Delivery starts imediately after you've done with the settings.

Kenji claims that its bot is machine-learned and "predicts who is most likely to follow you based on similar interests," which is a convenient feature for its users.

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What are their guarantees?

Kenji guarantees that your Instagram page will have constant engagements based on the targeting information you’ve provided the company. All your identifiable information and Instagram login details will be kept strictly confidential, so your information is never shared with third-party organizations.

Is the service safe?

Kenji is a reputable Instagram boosting service provider software that is safe to use.

Is the service legit?

Is Kenji legitimate?

It is safe to say that Kenji is a reputable company keeping your personal info confidential and posing little risk for you to get banned or land in any kind of unpleasant situation.

Is the service scam?

Is Kenji scam?

There are some negative reviews, but it doesn't look like a complete scam. At the very least they bother about their customers' safety.

looking for alternatives?

Alternative Services

Kenji vs. Instagress

Instagress used to be the best alternative to Kenji because of its streamlined services that were way cheaper than the Kenji price offers. Unfortunately, Instagress no longer offers its services because it shut down in 2017.

Kenji vs. SocialCaptain

An excellent Instagress and Kenji alternative is SocialCaptain that targets engagements through a smart filter, language targeting and niche filtering. Its packages cost from $15 to $99/month. It offers a 24-hour free trial, too.

Kenji vs. Instazood

Instazood is a relatively inexpensive bot for Instagram and a bunch of other platforms, like TikTok. Its advantage is that you can buy every service you need separately, like the Instagram bot for $12/month or a schedule posts tool and comment tracker for $ 8.



There are some thorough reviews on websites like socialmediaexplorer or thesmallbusinessblog, written by "professional" reviewers. However, if we look at Trustpilot, we see that there is less than a dozen customers' reviews and most of the customers complain about this company.

Thiago David

I used them for about 8 months, but after IG update, they stopped working and don't know when can give the money back. Since they are too busy with others refunds. For me it became a shaky business.

1 stars

Anon Millie

Good service, good price. It’s not bad, it gains you lots of followers not very many likes but the likes eventually come though. The followers are real people with real engagement so that's nice. Before, I used GetRiver they were okay. Gave you tons of likes, not many followers but tried to charge 29 USD a week to do the same thing Kenji does. Kenji charges 29 USD a month and won't get you shadow banned on IG. Yes its an AI Instagram bot but I haven't been banned and it’s not anything to worry about. I have 9000 plus followers, I didn't want to risk my business account but I took a risk with Kenji based on reviews of other sites and I haven't been disappointed.

5 stars

TheReal Coacher

Bad Service, no answer to Email... and Bad IG Grow...

2 stars

Is it worth it?

Should I choose this company?

The Kenji price is affordable, but there are some reviews that state the service it provides isn’t as high end as they claim. The only way to find out if the Kenji service works is to use its free trial. From there, you can gauge how well the Instagram bot works. If you’re unsure about the company’s services, take a look at a Kenji video on YouTube to see how the program works.

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