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Pros and Cons

  • Offers rapid growth
  • Packages are delivered immediately
  • It’s easy to purchase Kickliker packages
  • Supports Tik Tok and LinkedIn users
  • No 24/7 customer support
  • Only works with PayPal and credit cards

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About the service

A company such as Kickliker is designed to provide users with social media followers and likes to give your new page a major boost in popularity.

This method gets people to trust your brand more, and they’ll be more susceptible to click the ‘follow’ or ‘like’ button on your page.

To find out more about Kickliker, continue reading our review.

Main features

The main service Kickliker offers is social media promotions.

Kickliker is a software developed to generate organic engagements on all your social media platforms. Kickliker offers packages to users where they can buy organic engagements on their social media pages. In addition to handling major social media accounts such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter, Kickliker offers packages for a few more networks like Tik Tok, LinkedIn, Twitch, SoundCloud, Spotify. If you want to give your social media accounts a boost, you can purchase the following.

Kickliker provides a wide range of services for many platforms, including rarely offered ones like saves, profile visits, photo/video reach etc., which is discussed in detail in this review. To login into Kick liker, use either your Google account or your email.

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Instagram likes

You get likes on all your content and comments on social media posts.

Real Instagram followers

Of course, you also can have tons of new Followers on your networks, major social media accounts such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter.

Instagram views

With Kickliker, you also gain views on videos and images as well as impressions, profile visits, photo/video reach, saves, highlights and a few more options.


They offer various prices depending on the amount and the social media platform. The price for Instagram views starts from 1$.


Pricing and unique features

This company offers packages for Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Spotify, and TikTok, providing considerable discounts for dealers and resellers, as well as customers, depending on the size of a batch.

Packages cost from $0.1 to $370.

Social Media

100 pcs. 500 pcs. 1 000 pcs.






0.5 1.5 2


Does Kickliker Offer Refunds?

Kickliker does offer refunds, but their policies on the webpage are complicated. There is a section that suggests refunds won’t be made for cheaper products. Once you’ve requested a refund, you’ll have to give them your details, and the money will be paid back within 24 hours.

Is there a Free Trial for Kickliker Services?

Kickliker offers a three-day free trial which may not be long enough to make a decision whether their services are what you require.

Compatible Payment Methods

You can only purchase packages with PayPal or a credit card.

Visa, Mastercard, Credit Card
Kickliker Deals and Discounts

Kickliker offers a wide range of services at various prices, but no explicit discount.

Kickliker: some unique features

Huge number of major social media handled

Packages are delivered immediately

Supports Tik Tok and LinkedIn users

Three-day free trial

In a few steps, this is how it works

How it works

Sign up and verify your account by checking the email

Proceed with the top-up and then press on the "Back to Shop" button

Opt for the service you need


Results and Safety

When Are Kickliker Results Delivered?

Your engagements are delivered as soon as you make a payment for your package.

Go to Website

Results are delivered ASAP after the payment.

For Tik Tok and LinkedIn delivery time may vary.

Have questions?


What are their guarantees?

What does Kickliker Guarantee?

Kickliker guarantees that their engagements are all organic and not robots, but many users have come to find that the likes and followers they receive are from fake accounts. Kickliker also suggests that followers and likes will remain on your page when they’re generated, but often people lose their engagements within two days.

Is the service safe?

Is the Kickliker service safe?

Yes, Kickliker is safe to use because they’re a reputable company.

Is the service legit?

Is Kickliker legit?

If you’re unsure about its services, purchase a Kickliker Facebook package to test it. But they are a legitimate company that won’t steal your money.

Is the service scam?

Is the service a scam?

There are mixed reviews about the company and the quality of their engagements, but they are definitely not a scam.

looking for alternatives?

Alternative Services


We would say that FanBump is Kickliker's main competitor. FanBump offers features that Kickliker doesn’t, namely a free phone consultation, chat support and 24/7 customer care.


AudienceGain is another Kickliker competitor, and they offer replacements for lost engagements. They also support Snapchat users.


MediaMister is a full-service SM promotion company, providing services for all major platforms. It offers gradual delivery of services and a possibility to pay with anything from a card to bitcoins, and a 100% money-back guarantee is anything goes wrong within a month.



Kickliker does have a Trustpilot page, but it is empty. To read customers’ reviews, you have to either look them up on the company's website or Google to find them.


They canceled orders, at my request was told me that there is a minimum and maximum AMOUNT. Unfortunately the word amount isn't anywhere. I will never use this service again. NEVER

1 stars

Sam Wilson

Kickliker is professional with their customer service and they will refund your orders if they can't get thru like not receiving followers or like etc. So far, its all good, the service i bought may have problem so they cancel it but anyways i just bought another order and see how it goes. If it goes well i will update my review. But the customer service is good. I mean not the support or contact team,i mean the CEO actually care.

4 stars

Shaun Peh

I have been using their services for some time and im hooked. Support have been tremendously helpful which is what i find commendable unlike other dealers.

5 stars

Is it worth it?

Is it advisable to try?

We suggest that Kickliker would be an excellent platform to test whether buying engagements works for your business goal. Kickliker offers the cheapest packages, so perhaps it's advisable to use its platform to get you started. Some reviews do complain about the Kickliker system crashing so this may be frustrating for some users.

Overall Kickliker is a convenient and simple system to use, and packages are delivered fast. However, the only way to know if Kickliker works for you is to test out the system for yourself.

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