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Pros and Cons

  • Live accounts only
  • Natural likes flow
  • Automated: you don’t have to like manually
  • Secure
  • Only Instagram
  • The periods without likes can be lengthy.
  • No auto-follows

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About the service

What is Like4Like?

Like4Like Instagram network is a like sharing network where each live Instagram account can receive the number of free likes equal to its own likes of other accounts. The system is free and completely automated.

You don’t have to like each picture manually. There is also no like4like hack, so you really get exactly the amount of likes that you give.

Main features

It is solely an Instagram network.

There is no Like4Like Twitter, Like4Like Facebook, or Like4Like Youtube. Unfortunately, this network is tailored for Instagram algorithms only. But in this social network, it works perfectly. Like4Like uses only live accounts; the very rules of this service are composed to make it usable only for the real people. It is also available both as a Chrome extension and a separate web interface. You don’t have to sign in with the Chrome extension. The Like4Like login that you should use at the web page is your Instagram login. The authentication process is conducted via the Instagram API, so your credentials and private data stay secure.

There is no Like4Like app for now, and the developers didn’t announce the creation of one anytime soon, but the interface of the site looks fine on any portable device, so you won’t have any trouble with using it on the go. Please, be careful and keep in mind that you can’t download Like4Like! There were several cases of scam sites that offer the Like4Like app download. These files are viruses; please use only the developers’ official site.

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Instagram likes

Hearts are local Like4Like currency: one heart equals one like. When you have enough hearts, you may spend them to ask for likes of your particular Instagram posts. For example, if you spend 100 hearts to boost the photo of your new product, this post will be shown 100 times to other Like4Like bots that will automatically like it. You don’t have to do anything except spend your earned likes.

Real Instagram followers

Sometimes it seems that Like4Like is not working. Just be patient: there are times when no one has the post to like, therefore you don’t get hearts in return. The Like4Like network constantly grows, so such periods will be shorter with time and soon, hopefully, will completely disappear.

Instagram views

The platform doesn’t offer views, only likes.


You may either go through their FAQ, or fill in their contact form.

Does Like4Like Offer Refunds?

Like4Like is completely free of charge.

Is there a Free Trial for Like4Like Services?

Like4Like is completely free of charge.

Compatible Payment Methods

Like4Like is completely free of charge.

PayPal, Credit Card
Like4Like Deals and Discounts

Like4Like is completely free of charge.

Like4Like: some unique features

Instagram like sharing network

Completely free, except for additional paid options you can see when you login

Fully automated

Live accounts only

Natural likes flow

In a few steps, this is how it works

How it works

You log in

After this, your account will start automatically liking the posts of other members of the network

Like4Like bot will then add the quantity of these likes to your heart score on the site


Results and Safety

After you log in, your account will start automatically liking the posts of other members of the network.

Go to Website

You start liking; then, you can immediately get likes to your account.

You collect likes and decide how to use them.

Have questions?


What are their guarantees?

Does Like4Like guarantee anything?

They guarantee their users will get a like on their pictures for each automatic like on other people's profiles.

Is the service safe?

It does offer to buy extra hearts if you don’t have enough posts to like right now, but that’s all. Your personal data isn’t disclosed in any way; the only access the bot has is to the possiLike4Like is completely free of charge.bility to like. There are no follows and no following back, and, of course, there are no new comments, either automated or manual. The functions of the service are limited, but it means that your data is fully protected.

Is the service legit?

Is using Like4Like legit?

This system seems more legit and less risky becuase you can use it for free.

Is the service scam?

There were several cases of scam sites that offer the Like4Like app download. These files are viruses; please use only the developers’ official site.

looking for alternatives?

Alternative Services


The closest competitor of this service on the autolikers market is Addmefast. At first glance, Addmefast looks more appealing. It offers promotion of all the major social networks: from Facebook to SoundCloud to Pinterest. Addmefast also cares about the safety and its Terms and Conditions guarantee the security of all the personal data and credentials. But the system of Addmefast is much more complicated: referral programs, 100 extra points daily, different exchange rates for different networks and promotion types. Addmefast is great if you have several different accounts on different social networks.


Another close and free alternative to Like4Like is Hublagraam. This is is one of the projects of Hublaa team. It enables its users to get free likes, comments and followers, using a specially designed script/application. However, this company sells VIP packages if you need one.


This is a new Android-based app operating similarly to Hublaagram. However, it has a limit of free likes per day; to exceed this limit, one should pay the company.



Although their TrustPilot page shows no reviews, the Internet is mostly delighted. Like4Like network is really a fair way to get free likes from real people. Of course, unlike the autolikers that use bot pages, Like4Like can’t guarantee the exact quantity of likes per day or week - it depends on the rest of the network users. The dissatisfied customers point out that the periods without likes can be quite long, but the others consider that it makes the page look more natural and saves it from being suspended by Instagram security algorithms.


Not a stable working paltform

Not a stable working paltform. they have unfollowe issue after followed my account.

2 stars

Matthew Richards

Who ever vote this site 5 stars want…

Who ever vote this site 5 stars want there brain testing I am having problems getting my twitter followers up it was at 400 and went straight back down to zero it is a fake scam so they can make money and steal money unless u like to waste you're money

4 stars

Tawfin Rahman

They maintain a very good economy and…

They maintain a very good economy and fair equity among paying and non-paying customers. Even a simple, broke content creator can have their contents promoted at a very industrial scale. The best thing that makes this stand out from the rest is not only can you easily earn virtual exchange currency but also that they enable artificial boosts on magnanimous amount of platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Twitch,9Gag, Twitter, Websites, etc. Truly a rare find for me!

3 stars

Is it worth it?

Is it recommended to try this service?

Yes, it is, if you want a clean and organic boost for your Instagram page. Like4Like service looks quite naturally, without a crowd of followers that appear out of the blue or a ton of likes delivered in a second. Moreover, all the accounts, participating in Like4Like network are live and real. As a real like gaining process, it might be somewhat slow in different periods of time: sometimes there are no people willing to like anyone and get likes instead. But it will change with the network growth. So, if you need organic traffic and mild Instagram promotion (to draw real followers to you later) - Like4Like is what you need!

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