Top Linkedin services

Linkedin is the top professional social network in the world. The popularity of the account at Linkedin is tightly connected to the number of people (potential employers or employees) who will see it and, possibly, make you an offer. So, even if promoting your personal Linkedin page may sound a bit odd, it can really increase your chance to get a dream job or dream team.


Where to Buy your Followers

The first question to ask

Why might you need to buy Linkedin connections, endorsements, or likes?

Buying connections is the easiest way to… well… get connected with people who work in the same awesome field as you and possibly work with them later. Endorsements and likes are less obvious, but they indirectly promote your page and increase your chance of getting noticed. Or you may just show off your great idea and make sure many people will see it - this is also possible with buying likes.

Find the right company

How to buy Linkedin company followers?

There are some agencies that offer Linkedin company followers. But you have to be careful with them: you don’t really need a botnet following your company. Make sure that the agencies filter the potential followers and choose those who might really be interested in what you do.

Where to

Where to buy Linkedin connections or endorsements?

Connections and endorsements are easier to buy, and there are fewer requirements that the agency has to fulfill to sell them. Buying connections is like hiring an HR manager who will find people for you. Endorsements are the least important in terms of filtering; they can be bought almost from any agency.

As for legality

Is it legal to buy Linkedin followers or other services?

Yes, it is! You can’t control the followers and likes on your page via Linkedin instruments, so you can’t be responsible for people following you. Linkedin can’t punish you in any way unless you share something inappropriate on your page or violate the exact rules of the network. There is no rule that the user is responsible for the quality or quantity of their followers.