Privacy Policy

LikesFinder, the entity, as well its owners, operators and employees, shall be herein referred to as “We” or “Us.”

We are committed to maintaining your privacy.

Privacy Policy explains how LikesFinder collects and uses the information which identifies your person. We retain the right to modify the Privacy Policy as needed and without notice.

Our Company policy dictates that your personal information shall not be given away, released, traded, sold, or leased. Personal identifying information includes but is not limited to your physical address (home and business), name, telephone number (home and business), and e-mail address.

General Information

Likesfinder is an informational and non-commercial website not affiliated with any external service, including any social media platform or any social media service provider.

The Use of Cookies

We use Cookies to improve the functioning of our website and the Google Analytics tool to collect the statistical data of our website users. However, we don’t collect names, physical addresses, telephone numbers, emails or any personal data.

It is possible to turn the cookies off in your browser. Please note that it may make you usage of the website more inconvenient.

Cookies don’t store any personal of revealing information, except for the IP address, which can be used for diagnostic purposes, understanding a visitor’s sessions and preferences, and collecting the technical information like the browser type, the type of devices visitors are using, screen resolution etc., to adapt the website to the technical requirements of a user’s device .

IP addresses are collected for statistical purposes, and for purposes of advertising, partnering etc. Please note that your IP address cannot identify you personally.

We don’t transfer any data to any third parties.

Data Collection

We are committed to maintaining your privacy when you use our website.

We don’t collect any personal data of our website users, except when a user fills in a contact form, survey or inquiry form.

We use reasonable policies and technical means to protect all the data collected, aiming to provide industry-standard security regarding any personal content and information. However, as no security system provides a 100% guarantee, LikesFinder must be HELD HARMLESS is any information or data is breached by an external party.

We are hereby INDEMNIFIED against any claims relating to security breaches, including fees, costs, losses, injuries, or damages.

Further data collection

LikesFinder reserves the right to collect user-specific information when you fill out a contact form or survey or inquiry form. This information is collected temporarily, to allow us to respond to an inquiry or reach out when necessary.

It is against LikesFinder’s policy to allow third parties to contact you via the email address you have provided on our website. We also don’t send any unsolicited or spam emails.

Users of the LikesFinder website can visit the homepage without providing personal information.

Should you have any questions or comments regarding our Privacy Policy, Terms and Conditions, or anything found on our website, we encourage you to contact us.