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Pros and Cons

  • Flexible pricing plans
  • Lots of possibilities for any social media
  • Free 1000 likes for new customers
  • Clear FAQ
  • An odd refund policy
  • No PayPal
  • A bit costly

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About the service

QQtube is the service that allows clients to get likes, views, and followers for their YouTube channels.

Its main feature is high adjustability: you may choose geotargeting for your viewers, premiere waiting, live stream views, or the time of watching your videos.

Actually, with the help of QQtube, you may create a full promotion plan that will look as naturally as possible, raising no suspicions at all. Considering the recent changes in YouTube bot checking algorithms, it is a very valuable quality of the paid likes service.

Main features

The agency provides services for 7 platforms

QQtube deals with Youtube and 6 more social networks: Pinterest, Reddit, SoundCloud, TikTok, Twitch, and Vimeo. It provides packages of various sizes and with various delivery speed.

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Instagram likes

The agency doesn't offer Instagram likes.

Real Instagram followers

The agency doesn't offer Instagram followers.

Instagram views

The agency doesn't offer Instagram views.


To get in touch with their support, a customer should submit a ticket in the Support section.


Pricing and unique features

The pricing is also quite flexible: you may create your own plan according to your goals and budget. The simplest services, such as the InstantStart plan that includes 500 to 5000 views per day, costs $2,8 per 1000 likes (which is the minimum amount to order). The prices go up to $220 (quite a dramatic difference, isn't it) for 1000 real relevant comments from the real accounts. The company also offers additional services for other streaming, audio, and video social media such as Twitch, Reddit, TikTok, SoundCloud, Vimeo, and others: the range is quite big. There are a lot of options that will suit even the most modest budget and are especially convenient when you don't have a lot of lengthy videos to watch.

Social Media

100 pcs. 500 pcs. 1 000 pcs.








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Does QQtube Offer Refunds?

The refund policy is a bit unclear. The company states that most of its services have a very high delivery speed, so if you really need a refund, you have to fill the request quickly and hope that the support service will process it promptly. The most expensive services, such as long watches and meaningful comments, still need a lot of time, though, so if you have an expensive order to cancel, you may get at least a partial refund. All refunds are promised to be completed in 24 hours.

Is there a Free Trial for QQtube Services?

There is no free trial, but you can get 1000 YouTube views for free.

Compatible Payment Methods

The company accepts all the major credit card systems, cryptocurrency, and Western Union transfers. Unfortunately, PayPal payments are not available, which makes the company not the best choice for customers from abroad. Still, all the payment methods are secure and processed via third-party sites that are registered and legit.

Visa, Mastercard, Credit Card
QQtube Deals and Discounts

There are no discounts available on the site now, but the new clients can have their first 1000 views for free to test the speed and quality of the service. We have to add that getting views is the simplest task, and it can't help you understand the quality of the more complicated services such as leaving relevant comments. But still, the free trial period is available, and it's a great bonus for the company.

QQtube: some unique features

A US based company operating since 2013

1000 YouTube views offered for free

Offer YouTube live stream viewers per hour

Post a blog on marketing tips

Position themseleves as "The #1 YouTube views supplier"

In a few steps, this is how it works

How it works

Sign up

Choose a service

Make payment


Results and Safety

The results are promised to be delivered almost instantly (likes and views) or during the day (comments and long views). The results are summed up daily. The company operates on the market since 2013 and has a good review rate at TrustPilot and SiteJabber that gives good guarantees to get what you paid for. The FAQ is explicit and understandable, translating the legal Terms and Conditions page into human language. The refund policy is explained in two paragraphs, covering all the aspects and honestly warning about the cases when the refund isn't possible.

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The services are delivered gradually for several days.

The FAQ states that the company has an affiliate program that allows you to get 20% from your affiliates' sum of orders. The only drawback is that the paytime for the commission can reach up to 30 days, so don't expect the money to be paid to you instantly. 20% is a nice percent, so if you have a lot of friendly channels that need a boost, this option is definitely worth trying.

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What are their guarantees?

They guarantee that the orders are processed by them, not a third party, will handle any problems by their in-house Customer Support Specialists and Developers, reatarting an order to complete delivery if a refill is needed and a refund for any undelivered services.

Is the service safe?

The service seems to be safe and reliable. The only fact you need to know is that if you need a refund, you have to fill the ticket really fast. Otherwise, you may get your likes or views earlier than the reaction of the support service.

Is the service legit?

The service is legit. The long market story, good reviews, clear legal terms, and safe payment methods prove it.

Is the service scam?

QQtube is most definitely not a scam. It does have its drawbacks, but the company truly exists and provides its services.

looking for alternatives?

Alternative Services


MediaMister is another paid likes and views service that provides some simplified pricing plans (not as detailed as QQtube offers its clients, but much easier to understand). The prices are comparable. The main difference is that MediaMister offers a 100% money-back guarantee in the first 30 days. The reputation and quality of QQtube might be better, but the refund policy of MediaMister beats it.


SubPals is a platform that is focused primarily on YouTube (the secondary platforms have fewer services, and we aren't sure about their quality). Still, SubPals has a broad range of social media it provides services for. Also, it has several pricing plans that can be chosen for any goal or budget. SubPals is also a safe and secure service with clear terms and conditions.


AppSally is a brand-building company that has quite costly services, but their range is comparable with QQtube. The pricing plans are also extremely flexible and adjustable, and the reputation of the company is similarly flawless.



Trustpilot gives QQtube a 4-star rating with 75% of Excellent reviews and 16% of Bad reviews (out of 170). The main complaints are credit card failures and the inability to deliver orders in time. SiteJabber failure gives QQtube a 4.5-star rating, with the main complaints being also the inability to deliver orders (only 4 of 43 reviews).


Been using QQtube for a year now and they always delivered my orders. As with any service things can go wrong and hickups happen but the support team replies and fixes things fast and friendly. After trying most of the legit competition I stick with QQtube.

5 stars

Kelvin Nwabueze

Qqtube was good I used it before but the last time I used it to get views about 12 thousand views it later dropped back. Although they made a refill letting me use the credit for another thing, I want to know now if the views are still dropping or it has been fixed.

3 stars


I signed up for these free "100 subscribers" they didn't send anything!!! They just forced me to follow them on Twitter and subscribe to a newsletter I unfollowed ASAP!!! After 2 days, they just create mass army followers for Twitter! Be aware! and protect your personal data email and Twitter account! Not Legit!!! My review is not suspicious and do not give threats at me!!! I write it again because it was removed by an unfair report!!! I have photos and screenshots to provide!!! Do your job well!!! And stop threatening ppl!

1 stars

Is it worth it?

Is the agency reliable or not?

QQtube seems to be one of the most reliable YouTube services. If you have the budget and need a tailor-made content plan, it is worth trying. But make sure that you really want what you order, because you may not get a full refund if you decide to ask for it.

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