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Pros and Cons

  • Possibility to manage all your social media accounts at once
  • Up to 100 accounts in one system
  • Easy to use and ergonomic
  • 24/5 tech support
  • Affiliate program
  • 14-days trial period
  • Accepts PayPal
  • No reviews on the most popular review sites
  • Vague terms and conditions hidden on the site
  • Refund possible during the first day only
  • Costly
  • Too many accounts for a single business (more suitable for an agency, so not a totally negative point here)

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About the service

SocialPilot is a complete social media management system that allows you to monitor and manage several social media accounts on different platforms.

The main feature of the system is flexible scheduling that gives you an opportunity to make your posts the most visible by posting them in the social media rush hours. Another useful option is the possibility to repeat posts, sharing the same text on different social media with minimum adjustments without having to retype it several times.

SocialPilot works with almost all the most popular social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google, Pinterest, Tumblr, Vkontakte, and TikTok. It is a perfect instrument for the companies or people who want to manage their brand page on all the social media platforms without any extra sweat.

Main features

The price plans offered by SocialPilot are more suitable for the agencies than for single companies.

For example, the cheapest and simplest Professional plan ($30, now, with the discount for a yearly subscription, it's $25) offers a possibility to manage 25 accounts. Way too much for a single brand, just the right amount for a multibrand company. But the next pricing plans are definitely made for the social media management agencies: 50 and 100 social media accounts for $50 and $100 accordingly. Facebook ad accounts (several of them) are also included in the plans. The system also allows bulk scheduling, analytics, and reports, and team accounts with equal access to all the management tools.

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Instagram likes

The agency doesn't provide likes but provides complex solutions instead.

Real Instagram followers

The agency doesn't sell followers.

Instagram views

The agency doesn't provide views.


To contact them, use a form on their Contact Us page and their support team will get back to you within 24 hours.


Pricing and unique features

The cheapest monthly 'Individual' plan costs $12.5/month (Billed Annually). The most expensive Agency plan costs $100/month (for 100 media accounts). You can also try a 14-day free trial, request a demo, or save 17% with an Annual Plan.

Social Media

100 pcs. 500 pcs. 1 000 pcs.


Does SocialPilot Offer Refunds?

A refund is possible only during the first day of usage, so be very careful and aware and use the trial plan first.

Is there a Free Trial for SocialPilot Services?

the agency offers a 14-day free trial, which starts immediately without a credit card required.

Compatible Payment Methods

All payments have to be made in US dollars. The company accepts all the major credit card systems and PayPal, which is very convenient for clients from abroad.

PayPal, Credit Card
SocialPilot Deals and Discounts

The discounts exist, but they aren't too big and serve more as a marketing feature than as a real way to save money. The prices are too high for a single company but are reasonable for the agency. The trial period is quite long, full 14 days, so it's enough time to understand if you want to pay the entire sum for using the system. The clients also can change the pricing plan at any time, pause it or cancel without any commitments. It's a pleasant addition to the terms and conditions of usage.

SocialPilot: some unique features

Top competitor for Buffer, Hootsuite and other SM management tools

Up to 100 accounts managed from 1 platform

Suitable for small businesses, agencies and enterprises

Offers an afiliate program and some more options

Offers a blog, ebooks and videos with useful tips.

In a few steps, this is how it works

How it works

Log in

Connect your social accounts

Choose a service and make payment


Results and Safety

SocialPilot provides customers with reliable customer support across different channels - mail, chat, mobile app, and call (scheduled as per your convenience).

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A trial period or provision of services starts immediately.

The company has an affiliation program. The terms of participation are unclear though, but what we can understand from the site is zero fees for the participation and the minimum withdrawal amount of $50.

Have questions?


What are their guarantees?

The FAQ is short and consists of 4 questions only. It is a bit unusual for such a serious company, but the Terms of Service page (hidden in the bottom menu) doesn't tell much in legal language. The page explains that a cancellation request may be filed at any time, but it will be fulfilled after all the money is used. A refund is possible only during the first day of usage, so be very careful and aware and use the trial plan first. The long trial period is the best guarantee they have.

Is the service safe?

The company uses safe payment methods, but please keep in mind a very short refund period (1 day) to spend your money wisely.

Is the service legit?

This service seems to be safe if you fully read and understand the terms of usage and agree with them. They use safe ways of payment and seem legit.

Is the service scam?

SocialPilot doesn't look like a scam, but some crucial information such as cancellation terms needs to be found at their site.

looking for alternatives?

Alternative Services


Jarvee is also an automatizing service that allows you to manage all your social media accounts simultaneously. Jarvee is a Windows-based app that allows not only scheduling posts, but also auto-inviting people, accepting friends' requests, and doing other routine activities. You have to pay for the app and subscription separately.


Another social media management system, Crowdfire also allows you to easily schedule posts, track users, and perform the mundane social media management actions semi-automatically. The feature of Crowdfire is post inheritance. It takes the recent posts from your social media accounts, allowing you to work with them directly at the platform.


Instato is more like an Instagram growing system than a management system, but some features, such as automatization of posting and broad analysis of effectiveness are also present here. It allows you to plan your Instagram content and analyze and forecast the next trending hashtags and topics.



There are lots of positive, broad (and, possibly, paid) reviews on SocialPilot on the Internet. They give tons of useful advice on installing and using it, but no real understanding of its effectiveness. Trustpilot and SiteJabber have 1 and 2 reviews respectively, and the negative points there are earned due to people not reading the Terms and Conditions and paying a full month without any possibility to cancel and get a refund.


I had to pay 1 month without using their services. They don't analyze for Instagram. They don’t give a refund. Their conference and support systems are very bad. Be careful and stay away!

1 stars

User in higher education

For its price point, the features in SocialPilot are great. You can add multiple accounts for LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and more without having to pay a premium price like other services. You still have the ability to upload photos, videos, and other media to your posts. SocialPilot used so you can connect your existing account to track metrics on links. I like that I can schedule on the desktop and on mobile, so posts can be scheduled at any time. They have an active customer service with any questions, and a user Facebook group to connect with other clients. Cons There is a learning curve to using SocialPilot that can take some time to catch on. The metrics exist but aren't as granular as other services. The inbox to manage messages and comments is not ideal, so there is quite a few times I find myself accessing the actual account vs using a tool to communicate. I am also logged out of accounts without knowing, causing unscheduled posts and other inconveniences.

4 stars

Wilma III R

Customer service is always available to answer my queries. They never fail to respond within a day. Sometimes, they respond in just a couple of hours or minutes. I also like social media analytics. It helps me a lot with my reports. Since all my problems are solved, with the help of customer service, I don’t think I dislike anything from this app. I had a problem with connecting one of my Facebook groups that isn't appearing on SocialPilot and they helped me understand why that is happening. Now it's been resolved.

5 stars

Is it worth it?

Does it suit my needs?

A nice variant for an agency or a multibrand company that has a lot of accounts and a lot of content to post. Not so nice for a small business that will have to pay extra for the accounts it will never use. The refund options are too strict, so we highly recommend taking the full 14-days trial period first to understand whether the service suits your demands and scale.

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