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Pros and Cons

  • It is 100% safe and secure
  • They offer free YouTube subscribers and views on a low package. If you are impressed with the services, it is up to you to pay for a larger package
  • They focus primarily on YouTube, making it possible for them to generate quality leads on the platform
  • It focuses primarily on YouTube. Hence, the quality of leads generated on secondary platforms like twitch and Soundcloud is likely to be below standard
  • Its free package has little effect on the account of users due to the minute quantity of the package. hence, you have to buy from Subpals to fully enjoy their offer
  • They don’t make use of coupons as there is nothing like Subpals coupon code on their website

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About the service

Subpals is a YouTube subscriber service company.

They pay attention to helping individuals to gain a larger audience on selected platforms.

They claim to have what it takes to help you grow your YouTube channel more than ever before.

Main features

Their services are based on some selected social media platforms which are YouTube, Soundcloud, Twitch, Spotify, Instagram, and Pinterest.

This agency primarily focuses on YouTube promotion but also operates on 6 other social media platforms. This review is intended to help you understand its services in more detail. If you want more, go to their Trustpilot page, which boasts over 3000+ customers' testimonials. To login or register on the agency's site, please enter your YouTube Channel URL or Channel ID.

Just one overview of Subpals hacks, it is clear to see that there are lots of unique packages they offer. They carefully select the platforms on which they operate; such that the terms of conditions won’t become a challenge at any stage of their service delivery.

Other unique features are as follows.

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Instagram likes

Some of their services are gender specific. E.g. male or female Instagram likes.

Real Instagram followers

They grow your viewers and subscribers by getting viewers who liked contents similar to what you have on your channel to view.

Instagram views

Their YouTube services are free. Meaning you don’t have to pay a dime to get YouTube views and YouTube subscribers.


They offer lead generation services on a few other platforms.


Pricing and unique features

Their basic YouTube Time Package is free. They also sell comprehensive time packages offering several services at once for a set price. They are as follows:

Enterprise Package - $20/month

Elite Package - $40/month

Celebrity Package - $80/month

You can also buy a separate service, for example the price for 100 likes starts from $6.

Social Media

100 pcs. 500 pcs. 1 000 pcs.


6 14 25


25 40




7 12




13.5 33.5 58.5


30 60 100


Does Subpals Offer Refunds?

They guarantee a refund within 3 days from the date of order placed.

Is there a Free Trial for Subpals Services?

The basic package on YouTube is free.

Compatible Payment Methods

They accept payments with credit cards, such as Visa and Mastercard, as well as their "gift cards".

Visa, Mastercard
Subpals Deals and Discounts

They don’t make use of coupons.

Subpals: some unique features

Focus is on YouTube with additional Instagram, Twitch, Soundcloud, Spotify, and Pinterest services

Basic YouTube package is free

Lead generation services

Offers gender specific services

100% safe and secure

In a few steps, this is how it works

How it works

When you visit, click on the “Login/Register” link in the top header menu

Log into your Google (YouTube) account

Once you log into your account, accept the app permissions and you will be directed to your member’s portal. Then choose a plan you need


Results and Safety

When a customer subscribes to the Enterprise or Celebrity plan, they automatically receive 15 subscribers (Enterprise) or 60 subscribers (Celebrity) every single day, 100% automatically. Some users will unsubscribe though, leaving them with approximately 70% of the subscribers after each activation.

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New subscribers are delivered daily.

Some of their services are gender specific. E.g. male or female Instagram likes.

Have questions?


What are their guarantees?

Does SubPals guarantee anything?

SubPals guarantees that once a customer subscribes the their 100% automatic Enterprise or Celebrity plans, a customer's account will grow safely at a steady pace. The question “does Subpals work” may be answered simply by choosing the basic YouTube plan that is free.

Is the service safe?

Is Subpals safe?

It is widely considered by users to be safe, bearing in mind, the methods they use in procuring the likes and views on their main service which is YouTube. However, the safety of their secondary services which includes a wide range of brand building activities on Instagram, Twitch, and the likes are not guaranteed for many reasons. One of these is the constant change in the terms and conditions of services of these platforms.

This company, like many similar companies, uses "grey" promotion methods, but judging by their customers' opinion, they are quite efficient. However, the safety of their secondary services, like Instagram services, cannot be guaranteed because of constant changes of Instagram terms and algorithms.

Is the service legit?

Is Subpals legit?

The legitimacy of the activities of subpals is subject to the terms and conditions of operation of the primary platform which is YouTube. While there is no public statement from YouTube that suggests or affirms their approval of these services, there has not been any outright display of disapproval either. It appears that the public are not aware of these kinds of services which benefits the major host platforms for lead generation like YouTube and other similar websites. The question “is Subpals legit” can be answered positively unless YouTube bans the methods it uses.

Is the service scam?

Is SubPals scam?

This company boasts many positive reviews on the Internet. While probably not all reviews can be trusted, the company's strategy of providing new suscribers gradually seems effficent. We don’t advise you to trust each Subpals review, but search for those giving a detailed description of the order, not just an emotional evaluation of the service.

looking for alternatives?

Alternative Services

Red Social

Red Social is a brand-building company that focuses on helping individuals, brands and a wide range of corporate bodies in their quest to gain a larger audience on selected platforms.


Digi SMM also offers lead generation services to clients of all sorts. Just like iDigic, it focuses its brand-building services on Instagram alone. Its services include Instagram likes, Instagram comments, Instagram views, and Instagram followers.

There are a few features that are unique about Digi SMM.

DigiSMM concentrates on Instagram only, thereby giving it an advantage of expertise over the others.

Digi SMM doesn’t request for any confidential information while some services of most brand-building companies (including require that clients provide some confidential information as regards their social media account.


Basically, what iDigic does is that it helps clients have access to audience, reputation, and engagement for their brand. To get this done quite a number of Instagram features are enhanced. These features include Instagram likes, Instagram views, and real Instagram followers.



The Trustpilot page of this company features over 1500(!) reviews, with a new review posted always every day, which looks a bit suspicious.

The Royal Gaming

It was great it actually works well! I got around more than 50 subscribers a day. I actually rate it 5 stars best

5 stars

Max Airey

Works great, only one problem though, i often lose 60% of subscribers after obtaining them, i myself don't unsubscribe after completing the activation because i subscribe on an alt account so it doesn't get in the way of channels i subscribe to personally.

4 stars


They just suspended my account for no reason, I was trying to get free subs, after waiting the 12hrs & noticing that the activate button was not working I sent an email stating this & when I did they got back to me telling me that it would be fixed ,& when I received the start button to activate the free sub plan I logged in as usual and it stated my account is suspended,, I never broke any policies or rules for this to happen, on top of that I had placed an order for 1000 subs by the bulk & they canceled my order for no reason these people are the biggest scammers on earth.

1 stars

Is it worth it?

On a general note, Subpals Is a great lead generation platform for YouTube.

However, the effectiveness of its services on secondary platforms such as Twitch, Soundcloud, Instagram, Spotify, and the rest are not confirmed.

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