Terms and Conditions

General Information

Our website doesn’t offer any commercial services and doesn’t require its users to share any sensitive or personal information. The only information you may share with us is your email if you opt to write us a message.

The use of cookies and Google Analytics

We use cookies and Google Analytics to collect statistics only. We don’t share any information regarding our users with any third parties. We also don’t collect personal or sensitive data and don’t use any statistical information for marketing purposes.

Our privacy policy is GDPR compliant.

Exceptions to the LikesFinder Privacy Policy

Our privacy policy protects our users’ information, especially from marketing purposes. However, if an attorney or a government agency make a formal request to our website to disclose any personal information or information identifying our website users, we are obliged to disclose the said information to the party requesting it. But it is unlikely that LikesFinder keeps any information beside that you have willingly provided to the website (like your email address).

Copyright and the use of images and logos

The content on LikesFinder’s website is protected under the US copyright laws. We authorize the use of our content for personal, educational and non-commercial purposes.

We have also protected the images, names and trademark logos of LikesFinder under copyrights laws; it is illegal to copy, download, manipulate, reprint, or otherwise use them outside the LikesFinder’s website, unless granted an authorization from LikesFinder’s owners, aside from exceptions permitted under the law.

Links to third party websites

Links from the LikesFinder’s website to third party-websites are provided solely for our website users’ convenience, and for informational reasons. LikesFinder doesn’t accept any liability for the information placed on any third-party websites, including their Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy.

Limitation of Liability

LikesFinder Website Users’ Conduct

The LikesFinder’s users must use the website and its content in a lawful way, refrain from damaging or compromising the website or its content in any way, or making it inaccessible to other users. Additionally, they must not add, modify or subtract any content from the LikesFinders’ website or try to access any website section or content they don’t have permission to view.

Confidential and Proprietary Information

LikesFinder strongly advises the website users not to send any confidential, proprietary or sensitive information to them through the LikesFinder website.

Correction of Inaccuracies

LikesFinder reserves the right to correct any mistakes or inaccuracies found in it’s website content without a prior notice, and holds no responsibility for such mistakes, omissions or inaccuaracies.


LikesFinder operates in accordance with the US laws and the laws of the State of New York. Should any clauses of this Terms and Conditions Agreement be considered invalid or unenforceable by a competent authority, other clauses of this Terms and Conditions Agreement still bind users of the LikesFinder website.