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Pros and Cons

  • Flexible pricing
  • Self-explaining interface and a good overview
  • Lots of additional features
  • 30 days of full refund possibility
  • Some pricing plans are a bit costly
  • Some essential features such as keywords are available only on more expensive pricing plans
  • Minor issues with client support (emails don’t always arrive, the tickets may be answered late etc.)

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About the service

TubeBuddy is a great instrument seamlessly connected to YouTube.

This is a service connected to YouTube that allows users to edit and manage their videos. Among its features, there are bulk uploading, message templates for comments, links to other social media, video branding, and so on. To start using it, you need to either install the browser extension (it exists for all the most popular browsers) or download the mobile app. Then you can watch the tutorials or start using the features straight away. They will be available in the mobile app separately and at the YouTube site as your browser plugin.

The company has a notably long history. The four founders started from making instruments for the miscellaneous video streaming and storing platforms, long before YouTube certified them in 2005. This is a truly remarkable way that makes TubeBuddy one of the most credible companies on the market.

Recently TubeBuddy got a portable edition, so people can now use it on their cellphones and tablets. It opens a whole new dimension for the video bloggers that benefit from the new hardware possibilities and create classy videos on the go. Now, when portable devices can support complicated video editing apps, the new TubeBuddy edition is exactly what is needed to keep the project running and conquering new markets. TubeBuddy is very popular among the small businesses that use it as an alternative to hiring the production crews. TubeBuddy allows one person to perform all the necessary tasks, from basic video editing to creating a marketing strategy, thus greatly reducing the costs spent on advertisement. Large companies also use it but on a more professional scale, opting for Star or Legend pricing plan and relying more on the data analysis than on the editing features. Freelancers use it either to boost their results with video teasers or, if they are precisely video-oriented, to promote their videos and, possibly, giving them a final polishing touch.

Main features

TubeBuddy offers a plugin and instruments for managing YouTube accounts

The wide range of editing and analyzing tools makes TubeBuddy essential for any vlogger or streamer who wants to grow their audience consistently and strategically.

Not only TubeBuddy allows you to save lots of time, but it can also be adjusted to fit any marketing or promotion strategy, providing the possibility that vanilla YouTube editor and metrics just don’t have. Finally, you may choose any thumbnail for a video without the extra sweat.

TubeBuddy has plenty of pricing plans that allow access to different tools. The tools are roughly ranged from the ones needed for everyone to the specialized instruments used mostly by the big enterprises. Sometimes it isn’t so tough, and unfortunately, you can have your function available only in the expensive pricing plan. The main pricing plans are:

Free plan:

perfect for beginners or those who want to test the service. The free plan allows you to manage a single account and edit videos. Unfortunately, the mobile version isn’t available in the free plan as are the keywords.

Pro plan:

gives access to the mobile, sorting tags and keywords, but these are the only main differences from the free plan. The bulk upload that helps so much isn’t available.

Star plan:

the most popular plan that gives access to the most features of TubeBuddy: comment filtering, screen templates, branding and an immense range of metrics.

Legend Plan:

opens all the SEO features that TubeBuddy has. Great for the big companies, includes discounts to the compatible third-party tools and competitors analysis.

Service Features & Technical Details

TubeBuddy has lots of features that make a whole laundry list here. We will talk about each but shortly. If you need explicit information about any of them, the TubeBuddy support section has great descriptions, FAQs and tutorials that will help you to master all the tools you need.

Data Analysis

Metrics are one of the most important features that make TubeBuddy so valuable. Performance of a video measures its quality and success like nothing else. The metrics are detailed enough to quickly understand what aspects of a video are already perfect and what needs to be improved. A constant analysis of all your videos allows you to build your long-term strategy and cater to your customers’ needs much better.

Branding your videos

Adding your logo to the video may be an essential tool at the age of copycats and pirating the content. Even without taking this into consideration, branding is extremely useful for raising your brand awareness, creating a loyal audience and making your business popular with different virus videos. The last but not least: the videos with carefully applied logos look more professional and expensive.

Bulk Uploading

Any YouTube user knows how annoying the uploading process can be. The bulk upload feature is a blessing for those who need uploading a dozen of video every day. This is one of the most prominent tools that is very easy to find and use. Automatizing the uploading process saves your content managers a whole lot of time.

Closed Captions

The caption feature is already present in the vanilla YouTube, but if you are editing your video via TubeBuddy it will also come in handy. The recognizable design will let you start editing captions almost instantly. It is both convenient and good for SEO because videos with captions are automatically getting a higher position in the search list.

Mobile Version

As we said before, a mobile version is a crucial feature for all modern vloggers. It allows both editing videos from your phone and optimizing videos for the portable devices of your audience because nowadays they are the most popular platforms to watch something. The design of the mobile version is very ergonomic and easy to adjust to for both PC version users and new users.

Social Sharing

Sharing the videos in social media makes a big share of the overall marketing strategies. TubeBuddy gives you all the tools needed for that to control and restrains access to the content (for the pre-paid or VIP categories of your audience, for example) and for sharing the content wherever your audience wants to, greatly increasing your brand awareness.

Looping and Streaming videos

Going Live is one of the most important features of any modern business. It shows your audience how all of it works from the inside, gives your brand a personal touch and creates the feeling of the connection with your audience. It is always great to be closer to your customers, and TubeBuddy has all the tools to achieve it.

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Instagram likes

No Instagram likes are offered as the company deals with YouTube only.

Real Instagram followers

No followers are offered.

Instagram views

The agency doesn't provide views for YouTube.


The TubeBuddy support section has great descriptions, FAQs and tutorials that will help you to master all the tools you need. Besides, there is a virtual assistant, a phone number and email [email protected], or you can submit a ticket.

Does TubeBuddy Offer Refunds?

There is a full refund program during the first 30 days. Anyone can get a full and free refund within the first month simply by contacting the support team and making a refund request.

Is there a Free Trial for TubeBuddy Services?

TubeBuddy has a limited Free pricing plan and the Pro version trial that is 14 days long.

Compatible Payment Methods

The agency doesn't have much info on payment systems besides the fact that it accepts payments via PayPal.

TubeBuddy Deals and Discounts

They offer a Special Discount for non-profits, 50% off in a Pro package if you have less than 1000 subscribers and a 20% off for a Yearly subscription.

TubeBuddy: some unique features

TubeBuddy can be used from YouTube without any third-party apps.

The tool allows you to track the progress of the chosen competitors to use their ideas and strategies.

The SEO instruments let you optimize your headings and descriptions to get higher in the search list.

The analytics is much broader and more meaningful than the vanilla YouTube one.

It helps the content makers to organize and manage their videos.

In a few steps, this is how it works

How it works

Install the plugin on your browser

Choose a package

Sign in to manage your account


Results and Safety

The company promises easy and successful YouTube account management.

Go to Website

There is no specific info on delivery, it depends on the type of a tool you use.

The company offers over 60 various tools and services.

Have questions?


What are their guarantees?

They guarantee up to 50% of recurring fee if you get them customers via their affiliate program.

Is the service safe?

The company is considered safe. The payment data is protected, and you can learn more about your privacy and manage these terms by emailing the support team. The company uses a secure HTTPS protocol. They use a OAuth 2.0 mechanism to connect to YouTube. The Terms and Conditions section of the site is explicit and clear, too, written in human language, not in legalese one.

Is the service legit?

The company is definitely legit and values the clients’ privacy above all, stating that it will never transfer the received data to anyone except the legal authorities.

Is the service scam?

TubeBuddy offers support, a free trial period and a refund and doesn't look scammy.

looking for alternatives?

Alternative Services


Another video-based social network, Vimeo is a great alternative for YouTube with an almost equally long history and broad content. Though it isn’t as popular as YouTube is, Vimeo already has lots of features TubeBuddy offers in its vanilla state.


A video hosting service has fewer possibilities than YouTube (with or without TubeBuddy), but it is also much simpler to start. It will become a great platform for streamers and people who want to deal with their videos without an extra headache and unnecessary options.


A video managing platform that has an extremely understandable interface and provides great content analysis. The abundance of data can make it a great alternative for businesses that need to build their marketing strategies.



There are very few reviews and most of them are negative, which is quite surprising for a company founded back in 2005.

Patrick Kilcoyne

SHADY. Great app, but they make it impossible to cancel. Would not recommend it.

1 stars


Just okay to use free service. No need to purchase.

3 stars

Syed R.

My overall experience with TubeBuddy is wonderful. Because I really enjoy to use it and it's really easy to use. TubeBuddy helps to grow my YouTube channel from various aspects. Pros: TubeBuddy is such a versatile tool to work with. This is a kind of a third party to develop your YouTube channel in the right way. TubeBuddy helps to find the keywords for your videos which amazing. I am using this tool from a long time and it made my job very easy.

Cons: To install TubeBuddy is not always easy for everyone. I would say it's tricky to download. The keywords TubeBuddy shows are not always perfect. It can be more improved. However, I utilized the given keywords.

4 stars

Is it worth it?

Is this YouTube plugin useful?

TubeBuddy is one of the best YouTube extensions so far. The credibility of the company makes it a good choice for any business, big or small. Though the new users should examine the pricing plans carefully and make sure that the chosen one has all the options they need.

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