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Pros and Cons

  • Pros
  • Very powerful management tools
  • Chrome extension
  • Free plan to have a try
  • Cons
  • Costly
  • Limited only up to five channels
  • Lots of data you need to understand and process
About the service

VidIQ is an official YouTube partner and a YouTube channel promotion service.

It has been developed with growing the audience of the channels in mind and possesses powerful management and analytic tools. It is also one of the easiest services to start. Due to multilanguage translation, it is available not only for the English-speaking community but worldwide. The creators of VidIQ promise to increase the traffic of your channel 10 times in less than 10 minutes.

VidIQ is based on word of mouth, helping users to share their favorite content and thus increasing its popularity. The agency has different solutions for single brands, agencies who want to resell the service, and the big multi-brand companies. The pricing plans for the two latter variants are highly customizable and aren’t available at the site directly.

Main features

The company offers a wide range of promotion services

VidIQ has a free starting plan for one user and one YouTube account. This plan allows you to get familiar with all management options but hides most of the analytic tools from you. To start using the full potential of the service, you need to buy the Pro plan starting from $7.50 per month. The Boost pricing plan is significantly more expensive, but it offers even more tools and twice as many video views - for $39 per month and more. The Boost+ plan is great for agencies, and it offers highly customizable solutions, personalized hints and advice, up to five channels, as well as 200 videos monthly. This plan starts from $125 per month.

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Results and Safety

The creators of VidIQ promise to increase the traffic of your channel 10 times in less than 10 minutes. Also, they claim that on average, their users double the number of views of their new videos in the first 7 days.

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The results are promised to be delivered in the first 10 minutes, as is boldly stated on the main page of the site.

The company's website is multi-language. There is also a Web version and a Chrome app to choose from.

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The guarantees include an official partnership with YouTube, a good reputation, and - a rather interesting one - a free VidIQ Vision Chrome extension that analyses the videos you watch on the spot and suggests improvements to make them more popular. So, you may evaluate the algorithms and solutions of VidIQ even without trying the free plan.

The service looks safe, and its refund policy is quite average.

It is legit because it is an official YouTube partner.

VidIQ isn’t a scam; it’s a high-quality though expensive service.

Is it worth it?

Whom can it suit?

VidIQ is a great solution for big businesses with huge and professional teams of data analytics. It can also work perfectly for the agencies that use its possibilities to promote the channels of their clients. The abundance of data provided makes it more a professional tool than an instrument of promotion of individual channels. It promises great results in a glimpse, but the price is equal to these promises.

We think that VidIQ will suit the big companies, media networks, and media agencies well, but one-branders and the non-established video celebrities who are just starting their way to fame may want to try something cheaper and easier. They still should have time to produce content, not only to digest and analyze the crazy amounts of (very useful but hard to understand) data.

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